News & Notes 899:Update on Budget Coordination Committee (BCC) membership

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4 December 2021

Update on Budget Coordination Committee (BCC) membership

Dear Community, a small update on the Budget Coordination Committee (BCC) membership:

Cristina resigned as a BCC member in October 2021, due to personal reasons.

The present members are: Aurosugan, Danny, Enrica, Fabien, Hans, Inge, Mahi, Mathan, Rathinam and Suryamayi.

Following the resignation of Cristina, we are announcing a vacancy in the BCC and request all those interested to be a part of the BCC to write to the FAMC at famc (at) before 18 December 2021, with a statement of your interest/ aspiration and a profile of your relevant skills and work experience.

As mentioned in the BCC mandate, general criteria for being a BCC member are:

  1. Proven commitment to the realization of a collective organization and economy as envisaged by the Mother for Auroville.
  2. A capacity to see beyond the particular needs of their own representative area of work or interest.
  3. An openness and concern for the well being of all aspects of Auroville’s maintenance and development.
  4. A capacity to work in a team and to give sufficient time to the work, in a spirit of goodwill, collaboration and transparency.
  5. An affinity and / or experience with community work in the domain of budgeting and accounting.
  6. An in-depth knowledge in any of the areas represented in the BCC.

Additional to the general criteria, BCC is currently looking for additional support in its “Review” section, which reviews the utilisation of City Service budgets to ensure that these are being used as specified and in an efficient manner.

Someone interested in taking up this role would therefore be a great addition to the BCC team. Qualities beneficial for this specific role are:

a) management experience;
b) experience in budgeting and accounting or affinity for the latter and a willingness to learn;
c) an ease and readiness to communicate, interact and work with service managers in the community;
d) minimum half-time commitment.

For further information about the BCC mandate, functioning and responsibilities, please see the BCC Mandate (May 2018).

Thank you for considering to actively participate in this important service to the community. We look forward to hearing from you.

FAMC (Funds and Assets Management Committee)
Amy, Angelo, Jonas, Lisa, Marc, Palani, Ranjith, and Stephan