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20 November 2021

Entity::Auronet moderation support team

Dear Auroville Community, the Council is happy to announce the recently appointed Auronet moderation support team. From the Aurovilians that came forward, offering their help and service for this task, Dan (Denis Capdeville, Prarthna), Julietta (Arati 2) and Martin Littlewood (Samriddhi) have been chosen and entrusted with this job.

They will work in collaboration with the Auronet moderators and possibly, in difficult situations, will be supported by the Auroville Council/Wcom.

This is the final step to implementing the new Auronet Guidelines which underwent a lengthy community process. These new Auronet guidelines will be effective from November 24th 2021 for a 6 months period after which they will be reviewed, possibly amended and then sent for an RAD process. For reference here is the link to the document:

Warm regards,
The Auroville Council
(Balaji, Claudine, Ganesh K. Meenal, Sai Suresh, Suryan, Shivaya, and Shiva)