News & Notes 893:Outcome of the Emergency RAD

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893 icon.jpg   News & Notes 893
23 October 2021

Outcome of the Emergency RAD
On the provisional Residents’ Assembly Decision-Making Process

Many thanks to all the residents who participated in this decision-making event!

Dear Community, here are the results of the Emergency RAD (voting) to approve a provisional residents’ assembly decision-making process (

A total of 343 registered residents participated in the online and in-person voting. The number of participants exceeded the 10 per cent quorum required to validate the decision (239 votes).*

*Based on data received form the Residents Service, the total adult population of our community eligible to participate in RADs (age – above 18, confirmed Aurovilians) is 2387 (as of the month of October 2021).

Emergency Ra Decision:

“I agree that the Provisional RAD Process can be used until a new RAD process is in place (stated intention within 9 months)”


RAD decision N&N 893.jpg

73% (250) Aurovilians agreed to use the Provisional RAD process until a new RAD process is in place.
27% (93) Aurovilians DID NOT agree that the Provisional RAD process is used.

The Residents’ Assembly Service