News & Notes 889:Economic relief grants for self-supporting units and services

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25 September 2021

Economic relief grants for self-supporting units and services

Dear Community, the MERA team is happy to share that the BCC is allocating funds towards a second round of relief grants to support the fixed costs of self-supporting Auroville units, services and guesthouses that are impacted by the economic crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. (Those who applied and received grants during the first round are welcome to apply again if your economic situation is still precarious).

Funding Criteria: For those units, services and guesthouses who wish to apply, below is more information on the funding criteria:

  • All of Auroville’s income-generating/self-supporting units (whether commercial or service units, or guest houses) are eligible for this relief grant.
  • Funds will be applicable to cover the fixed costs of units (such as salaries, rent, electricity, internet, accounting charges etc.)
  • All those who apply (and are eligible i.e. are an income-generating commercial or service unit/guest house that is struggling financially) will receive support in the form of a grant amount paid in October. If the total amount requested (from all applicants) exceeds the total amount of funds available, an equal proportion of the fixed costs of each request will be granted.
  • A report of expenditure and a self-assessment of impact of the grant will be requested of all recipients.

How to Apply: Please fill in an Excel form with your monthly fixed costs, reserves and liabilities (you may find the form at MERA’s Auronet page, or write to MERA) and send it to mera (at) by Sep 30th, 2021 latest. (Please apply as soon as possible!)

Other Support available: We take this opportunity to remind all those in an economic situation that makes it challenging to continue to provide Aurovilian Maintenances that these are eligible for Temporary Emergency Maintenances provided by the BCC. Please see the latest TEM guidelines on BCC’s Auronet page, and contact (at) to apply.

We would like to express our gratitude, on behalf of Auroville, to all those who have contributed towards Covid relief and made this support possible.

In Community,
(Hemant, Rathinam, Stephan, Suryamayi)