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11 September 2021

Followup on ATDC membership observations (from Auroville Council)

Dear Community, in continuation to our previous announcement titled “Observations related to ATDC Standing Order and Office Order”, we are posting the below observations of the ATDC selection process and past involvement of AVC in these processes. We are announcing this to bring forward a clearer and consolidated picture of the events leading to the current situation.

1) In mid 2020, WCom and AVC formed a sub-group to prepare the TDC selection process. While the proposals were still being discussed, due to pressure from TDC (as there were only 2 active members namely Sreevatsa and Saravanan), WCom and AVC began an interim selection process. But because some of the AVC members were in support of looking at permanent rather than interim selections, AVC withdrew from the interim selection process. The WCom went ahead and held the interim selecting process alone. The TDC members, Sreevatsa & Saravanan also tried to explain the then Wcom the need for the long term members instead of the interim solution for the effective working of TDC.

But AVC did not object to the interim selection going ahead because it did not seem feasible to hold another full-fledged selection process for TDC in a timely manner as preparations for the general selection process were underway.

2) During the process and announcement for interim member selections, there were some community members who shared that they would rather participate in a permanent process as the interim term is too short to give their full commitment.

Now the interim members whose term was only supposed to be 1 year has been extended to 2.5 years in total.

3) This interim selection was initiated by WCom, the call for nominations was made to the RA but the final selection was made by the Wcom.

Therefore, much of the present ATDC reflected in the Office Order 2021 was not appointed by a community-ratified process.

4) Post the appointment of the interim members to TDC (Dec 2020), AVC was part of the TDC selection process subgroup from March-July 2021. Suddenly Wcom informed AVC that the TDC selection subgroup was suspended.

Shortly thereafter the new Office Order 2021 was issued.

Office Order 2021

Office order ATDC 15 07 2021.jpg
PDF (2 pages)]

Understanding the events that led to the interim selections for ATDC, and then the extension via the Office Order 2021, without the appropriate involvement of the RA, we recommend that more scrutiny is applied to the events where due steps for selection may not have been considered, and the reasons why this happen.

At Her service,
The Auroville Council