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28 August 2021

Broadcasts from Matrimandir

Auroville is aspirational. It is an inspiring attempt to find human unity while honoring the Divine and the diversity of human experience. And the symbolic, geographic, and vibrational center of Auroville is the Park of Unity. The Banyan tree, the Matrimandir, the Amphitheater, and the Matrimandir Gardens all hold space for the heart of the aspiration that is Auroville.

Beginning this Sunday, August 22nd, we invite you to join us for weekly livestream meditations from the Park of Unity. Each week we will explore a different aspect of the Park, taking in the sights, sounds, and energy together.

Every Week at:

  • 6:00 pm India
  • 8:30 am New York
  • 5:30 am Los Angeles
  • 1:30 pm London
  • 10:30 pm Sydney

To learn more and access the live meditations:

Matrimandir is the soul of Auroville, a place of silence and beauty that exemplifies the birth of the new. The Mother said that, “Matrimandir is here to teach people that it is not by escaping from the world while ignoring it, that they will realize the Divine in life.” It represents the possibility of a spiritual life lived not in a cave or on a mountaintop but in commerce and friendship and co-creation.

In 1969, when discussing the gardens, the Mother indicated that they would have to be of such quality and beauty that people visiting them would experience, physically and concretely, the significance of each garden, which she named as Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, Light, Life, Power, Wealth, Utility, Progress, Youth, Harmony, Perfection.

Each week we will explore one of the twelve gardens, joining our hearts from around the world to take in the sights and sounds together.

This offering is a collaboration between Auroville Live and AVI USA and with permission support from the Matrimandir Access Team and Outreach Media.

In Friendship,

The Auroville International USA Board
Matthew Andrews, President
Maggie Greer, Vice President
Mary Alexander, Treasurer
Bill Leon, Secretary
Binah Thillairajah
Bryan Walton
Jack Alexander
Julian Lines