News & Notes 883:“Hello”, Kalabhumi Gathering 7 August 2021

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14 August 2021

“Hello”, Kalabhumi Gathering 7 August 2021

A meeting shuffle, not clearly explained why, ended up in Kalabhumi. The previous Saturday, a Crown Walk had provoked such an intense week of meetings, work on the ground, and speculation that something had to happen. In a quickly weeded amphitheatre fitted full of 50th anniversary red plastic chairs, Auroville assembled.

If you weren’t there, no problem because then there would have been too many people. Chandra charmed everyone on our arrival with her flute recital. Dariya had decorated the stage. Our classic facilitators began slowly and gently. I saw people looking up. A flock of seabirds flew over into the wisps of clouds. I sat next to Alain Bernard who has probably gone to more meetings than anyone in our history. I looked around. Seemed all our diversity was there. Someone told me: “they didn’t come.”

Who are the ‘they’? They are all inside of me. I can’t vote. I can’t sign petitions. Isn’t there another way? People spoke profoundly, painfully, nervously and it was all good. Glenn kept saying: “I don’t want to be negative, but…” But he only said positive things. Affordable housing came up, education and much more. Seems everything is connected as in the Corona story.

My surprise came when two people mentioned how Auroville must be a child-centered society. I don’t think these people knew that our great mentor Kireet Joshi told us this over and over again during the early years.

Just as this was mentioned, a child ran across the stage as if on cue. Later she took the mike and addressed us thus: “hello”. We all clapped. We know Mother wanted Auroville to be a ‘supramental cradle’. We all have read her simple directions on how to be a true Aurovilian.

We know we have to be ‘willing servitors’ to live in Auroville. We know, and we were reminded on Saturday. We were happy to hear that the Secretary wants to ‘play’ with the Genius Brothers. Johnny also reminded us that the current tension we are feeling happens every year as it’s a pre-monsoon syndrome.

Some nice guy had a big sack of lemons and gave you whatever you wanted as you left. How to thank all the residents of the assembly who made it happen? There are the ‘back stories’ of everything that happens in Auroville. I heard about the perfect circle for a crown road. I guess people don’t know that the bits and pieces of the crown are already misaligned.

Is the Matrimandir perfect? We put one ramp section in place upside down, and we lost the central measuring pipe for the structure above the floor level. We knew Piero would have had a heart attack if he knew, so we couldn’t tell him.

With a French shrug, we had to guess where it might have been. Maybe everybody has forgotten about the Dreamcatchers who spent two years in the early mornings to dream the “Crown Way”. It seems the L’avenir d’Auroville of that time rejected it while the Community welcomed it.

Before the Kalabhumi Gathering, I met Frederick (SB) in PTDC. He told me Mother had discussed growing tomatoes in an Ashram garden with the manager. He said: “We will try, Mother.” She said, “No you will not try, you will succeed.” Hello.

~ B