News & Notes 878:Update from Auroville Council

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3 July 2021

Update from Auroville Council

Dear Community, thanks for being patient and provid¬ing the Council members sufficient time to recover from Covid. Our meetings for the past months have been online.

Now the silent presence keepers are back for AVC usual meetings and we are fully functional to serve. Taking this opportunity, we would like to convey to the community that the Land Board selection, TDC selection & Matrimandir ex¬ecutives selection processes are the priorities on our table. The FAMC mandate review, the Appeal Process review & the steps for finalising the Due Diligence policy are being looked into.

With RAS & Wcom members we are working on the RA decision-making process. Appeals & arbitrations are on¬going and we are interacting with respective residents to resolve interpersonal conflicts.

We would like anyone with proposals, requests and remarks to openly communicate with us by email at avcouncil (at)

Don’t forget to give your feedback regarding our forum on internal organization.

~ At Her service,
Auroville Council