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26 June 2021

Numbers' Language

According to the numerology, Sri Aurobindo's number is five – power and perfection. The Mother's number is eleven – realisation of inner power.

The Vedas tell us about two birds with beautiful wings, close companions, clinging to one common tree. One of the two eats the sweet fruit of the tree, the other doesn't eat but watches his companion. If we follow the Chinese philosophy, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were in an ideal balance: Yin and Yang together make a perfect system.

Sri Aurobindo arrived in Pondicherry in 1910, the Mother (second time) in 1920. They created a spiritual community, the Ashram, according to the Divine Command. Sri Aurobindo lived in Pondicherry for 40 years, the Mother for 53. In 1968 Auroville was born for the realisation of their ideas: International city where people from all the continents live.

For a numerologist, the Ashram's number is eight (spirituality), and Auroville's nine (intelligence, spiritual teacher, Guru).

In 1875 the French writer and prophet Jules Verne published the book L'île mystérieuse (The Mysterious Island). He wrote in it about the Indian prince Daccar, but it seems to me that the prophet had opened the third eye and saw the future, Sri Aurobindo's life.

According to Jules Verne, prince Daccar received the western education but in 1857 he became the leader of the sepoys’ (sypahes in French), riot against Britain’s asuric power. The riot was defeated and the prince lived afterwards in exile. The book was translated into all the languages of the world. In my childhood I read the Russian translation (in Russian its title is Tainstvennyi ostrov). Not long ago I took it from the Auroville library, the issue of 1984. Aurovilian Victor Plotnikov brought it from Moscow and presented it to our library.

Jules Verne lived from 1823 to 1905. He published many books. They are very popular. He predicted a lot of events on the planet. Evidently he liked India. His hero prince Daccar hated and admired Britain. England tried to occupy France from 1337 to 1453. In India France and Britain confronted each other in 1746 - 1763. Sri Aurobindo was 38 years old when he fled from Calcutta (British colony at that time) to Pondicherry (French city at that time) to avoid being arrested by the British.

~ Boris

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