News & Notes 873:Updated Temporary Emergency Maintenance Guidelines – June 2021

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5 June 2021

Updated Temporary Emergency Maintenance Guidelines – June 2021

A year ago, in May 2020, the Entity::BCC & FAMC created “Temporary Emergency Maintenances” for those Aurovilians working in activities, units or services who were no longer able to receive a maintenance from their unit or service due to the Covid-19 emergency, and were in need. In the present situation, we see the need to increase the availability of this temporary support.

As of June 2021, Temporary Emergency Maintenances will continue to be available to those Aurovilians already working in Auroville activities, units or services who have insufficient funds to provide them with a maintenance, and will now also be available to any Aurovilian who chooses to volunteer at an existing activity, unit or service that has insufficient funds to support them with a maintenance, and who is in financial difficulty. While we are happy to be able to consider extending this possible support, we can only do so for those who are truly in need at this time given the on-going economic challenges.

Here are the updated, June 2021 Guidelines for Temporary Emergency Maintenances:

  1. Any Aurovilian working or volunteering in an Auroville unit, activity or service and in need of financial support is eligible for a Temporary Emergency Maintenance.
  2. Temporary Emergency Maintenance amounts & allocations (cash, kind, etc.) will be the same as the existing City Services FT & HT maintenance, given according to the hours of service of the individual (36 hrs/wk for full time, 18 hrs/wk for half time, as per existing City Services Maintenance guidelines). A Care Package (quarter maintenance equivalent) can be given for quarter time commitments.
  3. Temporary Emergency Maintenances are allocated for up to 3 months at a time.
  4. Aurovilians receiving a TEM who are not already engaged long-term in an Auroville unit, activity or service are requested to register with the HR Hub (hr_hub (at) for longer-term work opportunities.

Application Process:

  • Individuals send their request directly to BCC care ( (at), sharing the place, type, and hours of service. The HR Hub can be contacted for support in finding places of service: hr_hub (at) /
  • Managers/executives of the activity, unit or service contact BCC care to confirm the place, type, and hours of service of the Aurovilian and that they are unable to support them directly. (In case the applicant is the manager of the activity, the executives are asked to endorse the application, and in case they are the executive of a unit, the Trustees are asked to do so).
  • The BCC will review all requests case-by-case and inform the individuals and their place of work of the amount and time period of Temporary Emergency Maintenance allocated.


  • All TEMs will be reviewed after 3 months.
  • If individuals receiving a TEM end their commitment beforehand, or change their place of work, they and the manager/executive of the place of work are requested to inform BCC.

We remind all that Bridging Maintenances remain available for those eligible. See below the current guidelines:

Bridging maintenances A bridging maintenance provides a support to Aurovilians who are temporarily out of work. The conditions are:

  1. An Aurovilian requesting a bridging maintenance should have already worked for a minimum of three years in Auroville.
  2. A bridging maintenance may be allocated for up to 3 months at a time.
  3. Normally, a bridging maintenance may not be granted more than one time in a year.
  4. The monthly bridging maintenance may not exceed the last maintenance provided to the Aurovilian.
  5. If the Aurovilian was working in a unit and leaves voluntarily, he/she is not eligible for a bridging maintenance, except in exceptional cases.
  6. In case of the demise of an Aurovilian who was financially supporting a partner or kin, a bridging maintenance will be provided for a maximum of 3 months.

Let us continue to support each other in participating in The Mother’s Dream. With care,

~ Your BCC
(Danny, Enrica, Hans, Inge, Mahi, Rathinam, Suryamayi)