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5 June 2021

Update from the Entry Board

We would like to give an update on the situation of the Entry Service regarding new applications.

After the first lockdown in March 2020, the Entry Service has been following up with the process of applicants & newcomers who had already started their process, and potential applicants who approached the Entry Service before the lockdown. Since June 2020, 111 Newcomers have been confirmed as Aurovilians and 49 new applicants were processed to start their Newcomer process. Altogether there are presently 116 Newcomers in the process. The Entry Service has been engaged in following up with all the above, including some challenging cases, as well as reviewing the situation of those who left Auroville due to the pandemic or who had to discontinue their process for diverse reasons. This is to say that the Entry Service is fully engaged in discharging their duties and responsibilities during the entire lockdown period either virtually or physically or both.

We have also been dealing with individuals applying for other statuses like Children of Auroville, Friends of Auroville, Returning Aurovilians, Spouses/Partners of Aurovilians and other people who were staying and working in Auroville. The Entry Service has been continuously receiving people on appointments.

Since February 2021, the Entry Service has been reviewing the situation of the people who approached the Entry Service after June 2020. There still is a long pending list (about 150 people).

We have been facing many issues with Newcomers who can’t find a place of work corresponding to their aspirations or skills, Newcomers who are not able to sustain themselves financially and/or can’t find an adequate long-term housing solution. There are also concerns about the diversity of the population able to come to Auroville in the present situation.

The Entry Board had a series of meetings with other concerned groups: the Working Committee, Auroville Council, the Housing Service/Board, FAMC, BCC, TDC, and we are looking together at how to move forward on these roadblocks. We thank you for your patience, trust and support.

The Entry Board