News & Notes 872:Update on Solar Kitchen temporary closure from June 1st

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872 icon.jpg   News & Notes 872
29 May 2021

Update on Solar Kitchen temporary closure from June 1st

Thank you to Koodam (Niva and Nikki) for facilitating two meetings between the FAMC/BCC/WCom subgroup and the Solar Kitchen executives, Angelika and Thushita. We came to an understanding of collaboration for the next steps needed to bring the Solar Kitchen back into service as soon as possible.

The Subgroup asked the SK management to step down, as they want to put a new team in place. They also asked the SK management to help with the transition. The subgroup decided the following steps:

  • The temporary closure from June 1st to allow the setup of a fully new team.
  • An additional announcement will be sent out to guide tiffin users to other outlets during the transition period.
  • The Aurovilians, as well as the employees, are taken care of -- legally, socially, and in full respect to their long-term service given to our Solar Kitchen.
  • The subgroup will ask the FAMC to look into the allegations, expressed by the Aurovilians working in the Solar Kitchen and take it up as a priority to clear them.
  • Angelika has agreed to step down from her position as an executive and has offered support during the transition.
  • Thushita requests that the unfounded allegations against her are clarified before any decision will be taken regarding her position.

More details will be shared at the end of the week.

Love and Gratitude,

~ Solar Kitchen subgroup formed from FAMC/BCC/WCom