News & Notes 866:Forest Group meeting minutes of 2nd April 2021, Aurodam

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17 April 2021

Forest Group meeting minutes of 2nd April 2021, Aurodam

Present: Rita, Vengadesh, Hans, Kumar, Achilles, Thanajayan, Balu, Biggie, Nahar, Vinny, Fabian, Saga, Manolo, Naren, Rabindra, Mita, Glenn, Diego, Christoph, D. Segar, Alonya, Alex, Gopal, Agnes (chairperson), Michelle, Enea, Natasha, Matthieu, Adhi, Alok, Dave (notes), Phillipe, Jessamijn. (32 people).

Avision forest (Alok)

  • Alok recently came across a Painted Bat (Kerivoula picta) in some banana trees in his place. As far as he knows, this is the first sighting of this species of bat on the east coats of India, a very good sign as far as the ecology of Auroville.
  • In February in the canyon in between Avision and Verité, someone from Udoygam clear cut an area of previously undisturbed forest on what is most likely poramboke land and definitely a very important percolation area. Alok is investigating further and hopes to carry out soil and water conservation and revegetate the area with the advice of Kireet.
  • Alok kindly invited the Forest Group to meet at his place in one of the one month’s soon and use the opportunity to become more familiar with the Avision forest and canyon.

Mother’s flower garden (Naren, Rabi, Mita + Poonam, not present)

A group of Aurovilians who have been offering the Divine Flowers Exhibition at Savitri Bhavan for the past 4 years makes up this project. They would now like to have a garden “The Mother's Flower Garden” to find a permanent home to house the 898 flowers which The Mother has given significance to. For this they need 5 acres of land. After approaching the TDC they advised then to approach the Forest Group.

In the interests of water conservation, the Forest Group pointed out the importance of using wastewater if possible. One option for the group may be to use part of Mahalakshmi Park and they have also applied to pursue this. The Forest Group thanked them for coming forward with their project, however suggested that they approach the Green Group to get their advice on potential options for plots and take it from there.

Possible house exchange and support for green issues (Michelle)

As mentioned in the March meeting, Michelle would like to exchange her apartment in Luminosity for a place in the greenbelt. She would also like to offer her help in linking up the groups involved with land care and allocation. Potential key topics for improved communication are encroachment and land allocation.

Building extension (Achilles for Velu)

Achilles expressed his support for Velu and Sudha to build a kitchen extension onto their house, which is in Baraka forest, near TLC. Sudha intends to start a catering enterprise. The kitchen would measure approximately 5 x 4 meters. The Forest Group suggested that they return with a drawing of the proposed extension to the next meeting.

HT line GM and TDC's notes (Group discussion)

The Forest Group discussed possible next steps after the GM presentation and the subsequently published opinion of the TDC. Some of the conclusions were:

  • The Forest Group would like to emphasise their concerns about the situation escalating and becoming even more polarised than it is at present.
  • To avoid escalation, both the Forest Group / YC and the TDC will need to work in cooperation and with mutual respect.
  • Can we jointly commit to work together in these ways?

Next meeting: Infinity, 3 PM, Friday, 7th May

~ Forest Group