News & Notes 864:New Approaches to Consolidate & Safeguard the Needed Land for Auroville

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864 icon.jpg   News & Notes 864
3 April 2021

New Approaches to Consolidate & Safeguard the Needed Land for Auroville

From the Land Board, Funds and Assets Management Committee, and Working Committee

It is disheartening that after 53 years of hard work in both village relations and energy invested in regeneration of the natural resources and development of Auroville, individuals are actively undermining this legacy. Auroville is facing an existential crisis today due to speculation, outside developers and land sharks who are taking advantage of Auroville and the work done, and straining the relations with our neighbors. We are observing development by private enterprises which profit on the resources Auroville has worked hard to create and protect, thus compromising the work done. These developments are made without taking in consideration the factors of soil regeneration, water table management and waste management resulting in loss of biodiversity, water level drop and waste dumped in canyons and along the road. Therefore, we need to re-consider different strategies and new approaches to help in speeding up and securing lands for Auroville’s physical manifestation and to further comprehensive development.

We invite the community to explore, refine and approve new approaches. Below are some ideas that were shared in the joint FAMC-WC-LB meeting which will require further study:

1. Allow and assist Aurovilians, Ashramites and well-wishers who share our ideals to purchase land in the Green Belt in the name of the Auroville Foundation. An environmentally friendly land use plan can be formulated and signed in line with Auroville principles. The sets of criteria (acceptable to all) need to be introduced and followed by the stakeholders.

Advantages: By relaxing internal controls and permissions to Auroville-friendly persons while also guiding the development, we could consolidate and protect much of the green belt that is rapidly disappearing to outside development. By adopting such new strategies in one generation we could increase, enhance and protect more of our land and assets holdings.

2. In addition, the Land Board can make a big push and hire professionals to assist in speeding up purchases. In order to succeed in this, a sum of money for purchase should be on hand (approx. 55 crores). To achieve this, one possibility could be to pool money together for a loan to purchase the needed land. The money could be reimbursed (as needed) over time through the funds raised for land. In this manner persons that wish to see AV land secured in their lifetime but cannot donate the funds, may be able to loan the money now to assist in achieving this goal sooner. (technical details must be studied).

3. To outline and develop partnerships with landowners for co-creating the development in line with Auroville’s plan. The development criteria should accommodate the environment and the economy in a sustainable manner for all.

We would like the groups and residents to consider, suggest and refine such proposals. Speculation and unrelated development threatens our entire project every single day. We look forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions and other proposals. Please contact Landboard (at) so that we can follow up and act.