News & Notes 861:Forest Group meeting notes of 5th March 2021

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13 March 2021

Entity::Forest Group meeting notes of 5th March 2021

Location: Baraka

Attendence: Fabian, Giri, Kumar, Andrey, Marco, Be, Eric, Cristo, Enea, Edzard, Iyanar, Balu, Stefan, Shivaraj, Noe, Alex, Natasha, Mani, Vengatech, Rita, Christoph, lumanai, Manolo, Boobalan, Saga, Begav, Kanniyappan, Vinny, Vikram-CS, Island, David, Jean-Luc, Ambre, Philippe, Laurence Niosha, Michelle, Agnès, Ana

  1. Michelle (Luminosity) is looking for house transfer to a Forest area. In addition, she wants to help with maps and data for land protection (encroachments, priorities).
  2. Cristo made an announcement that Jesus (Colors of Nature) is looking for 60 tons of firewood at Rs. 6000 per ton. The exceptional price offered is an attempt to support the work of foresters.
  3. Cristo also called again for help with the forest work in Revelation. All foresters are welcome to contact him when they have a bit of free time to come give a hand. He also informed that volunteers are needed who want to work at least 5 or 6 hours a day in exchange for free basic accommodations.
  4. Christoph updated the group with the organization of the upcoming General Meeting organized by the Forest Group and Youth Center about the high tension cable layout.
  5. Island and Andrey explained the need for the construction of a hut for volunteers in Infinity, that Marco would build and initially use (no objection).
  6. Financial questions re: the guest houses located in the Green Belt was discussed, following the announcement of the GFCG and BCC that these guest houses would need to be transferred to the FG.
  7. Giri asked if there are any objections from the FG to him moving his house from one location to another in the Fertile East Forest, in order to help with the protection of the forest (no objection).
  8. Philippe introduced an initiative (Green City Care) for the City area, in order to promote the caretaking of the green spaces by residents.
  9. Sandeep announced the “Water Mela” series of meetings in Fertile about water issues and management in the bio-region, with PondyCAN.

Next meeting: Friday 2nd April, 3PM in Infinity

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