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858 icon.jpg   News & Notes 858
13 February 2021

ATDC Updates

  1. Auroville TDC is ‘ATDC’ now! L’avenir d’Auroville is the tagline of ATDC.
  2. We’re thankful to BCC for their support and allocation of few additional maintenance for Technical Teams and support staff. Clearly, we need more support to successfully carry out planning, application processing and project implementation. We’ll request BCC to increase the budget accordingly.
  3. We’re working towards manifesting Mother’s Dream township and we need each Aurovilian’s unwavering support. We profusely thank the Aurovilians who’ve supported us financially or already committed to support us. We request the residents to donate generously to ATDC FS a/c 251917 for the smooth functioning of ATDC
  4. Few members have decided to step down from ATDC and we take this opportunity to thank them for their outstanding work. We wish Helen, Hari, Manisha, Ing-Marie for their continuous progress. We’re always happy to have them back, whenever they’re ready again.
  5. We’re desperately on a lookout for Aurovillians/Newcomers for the role of Applications Coordinator, Communications resources, and Administrative Assistant.
  6. We’re happy to announce Sivakumar to be our Coordinator. He’ll coordinate between Community, Interface Team and Technical Teams.
  7. Given the recent contention with Bliss and YC, we request the community members to not plant the trees in an ad hoc manner. Please understand that the Galaxy Plan is 75% green in some form or another. We’re happy and thankful if you want to contribute positively to the greening initiative. We only request you learn the community approved planned features and work with us closely to understand the holistic perspective, take the approval of the technical team and then go ahead with the much needed greening work. This way, we can document and monitor the process and progress. And, our present will not be in clash with the future.
  8. We also thank the community for enthusiastically participating in the Housing survey. This has provided great insights into what’s really required and to plan accordingly with the Housing Service. The results shall be published soon.
  9. We made a presentation of “Manifesting Mother’s Dream” - A Strategic approach to implement Auroville’s Galaxy plan at the All services meeting on 8th Feb.

Auroville Town Development Council