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17 April 2021

ATDC Updates

ATDC Exhibition

We cordially invite the residents of Auroville to the exhibition of L’avenir d’Auroville at the ground floor of Town Hall. The purpose of the exhibit is to apprise the community of our raison d’etre, roles and responsibilities. We also strongly believe that to manifest Auroville, few members in working groups are not enough. As Aurovilians, we all need to do our bit and manifest it together. We hope this exhibition will show the purview of development and each individual shall find some connection and will come forward to contribute. Let’s Manifest Mother’s Dream Together.

Community Connect Ep.2

23rd April, 3 to 5 PM
Unity Pavilion

In our second edition of the monthly Community Connect session, we would like to update the community on developments related to infrastructure, SSN, furthering the outcomes of Auroville Retreat 2015, HT Line, collected inputs from our recent meetings with the neighborhood of proposed sites in RZ 1&2, etc. We welcome constructive conversation from community members to progress positively.