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17 October 2020

Interim TDC selection process – Background

Since 2011 L'avenir/TDC has been functioning with two mandates, one from the Residents' Assembly and a Standing Order from the Auroville Foundation.

L'Avenir d'Auroville / TDC
Mandate 2007
LAvenir dAuroville TDC Mandate 2007.jpg
PDF (5 pages)
        Constitution of Auroville TDC
(Standing Order of 4th June 2019)
TDC Standing Order 2019-06-04.jpg
PDF (5 pages)

There are discrepancies in the structures outlined in these 2 mandates that led to some difficulties in the operations and even led to conflicts. One source of difficulties is that members of TDC were de facto requested, especially in the Standing Order of the Foundation, to combine technical expertise, management expertise and the role of representation of the community. This often created a gap between the technical work and its implementation at a community level. In order to solve this problem in 2017 the RA approved a new type of organization. However, this change was not considered in the new Standing Order of 2019 and the problems of the different mandates and different types of organization have remained.

The issue was discussed by the Working Committee in the last Governing Board meeting of January 2019 where it was agreed to take steps towards harmonizing these 2 mandates and a member of the Governing Board specifically took charge of it. However, the matter was not actually followed up.

Concurrently the Working Committee started at the end of February an exercise, in coordination with the Auroville Council, to design a special process for selection of TDC members but this could not be continued due to the lockdown.

In July-August the Working Committee and the AVC constituted a subgroup to design a selection process suitable to be implemented with the restrictions imposed by Covid but could not actually proceed with the implementation due to the uncertain scenario related to the selection process at large.

Since the Standing Order constituting the TDC requires the Working Committee to fill vacancies we are undertaking this step to nominate interim members until clarity is achieved regarding the selection process and a common vision on TDC organization is agreed between the RA and GB.

In this regard the Working Committee has proposed to the GB that a professional organization, such as that of Dr. Doshi, may undertake an assessment of the planning needs of Auroville and its organization and indicates a way forward.

The Working Commmittee