News & Notes 838:Let's talk about death, shall we?

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3 October 2020

Let us talk about death, shall we?

Sat. 17th Oct. 3 – 5 PM, at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

We all start dying the moment we are born. Cells are formed and cells are dying. Bodies and souls evolve and decline. Many books have been written about death. Many words have been spoken about dying. Have you? Are we reluctant to speak about death before it reaches one of our loved ones or ourselves? Or do we want to look at the obvious end before it appears?

Initially created as a sub-group of Third-Age (under Mattram’s umbrella), “Let’s talk about death” group aims to reach any age of Auroville’s population by providing time, space and content to talk freely about death. We have met several times to ponder upon how we want to do this and what platform we want to offer to Auroville. In our research we stumbled upon “Death Cafe”. What is needed to hold a Death Cafe is a venue, a facilitator and most importantly, cake. We now have it all.

The topic of our first meeting will be death. The rest is up to us. We can discuss fear and grief, trauma and pain, forgiveness and surrender, we can share happy anecdotes, we can cry or laugh. We can speak about different spiritual and religious believes, and we can also remain silent.

In the future, we are aiming to bring help with getting our things in order like Living Will, Farewell Form, Testament, etc. Anything what might happen might happen. Furthermore, it might be more structured, within Auroville’s specificities. Also, we are starting to constitute a library which will content documentation on the subject from various origins. All suggestions are welcome.

Just come, share and have cake with us on the 17th. (Next meeting will happen Saturday 7th Nov, 3 to 5pm, venue TBA)

Due to restrictions we can receive up to 20 guests. To register, contact Julietta or Dan julietta (at) & dan (at)

“Let’s talk about death” group: Fakeera, Julietta, Kalsang, Lisa, Valeria and Dan