News & Notes 838:AV Art Service Cooperative of Activities - Brief Accounts for 2019-2020

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838 icon.jpg   News & Notes 838
3 October 2020

AV Art Service Cooperative of Activities: Brief Accounts for 2019-2020

Total Sales Income: Rs. 65,81,448.35

Total Tangible Contributions to AV: Rs. 20,14,664.45

Percentage of Sales Income Contributed to AV: 30.6%

Total Intangible Contributions to AV by activities registered under the cooperative:

  • 20 Free Performances
  • 4 Free public art installations
  • 34 Free exhibitions
  • 32 Free workshops (1-4 days long)
  • 7 Free courses (10 days – 3 months long)
  • 3 Public art events (7-10 days long)
  • 524 Free 2 hrs. classes
  • 20 Free 1.5 hrs classes
  • 160 Free 1 hr. classes
  • 10 Free participations in fund-raising events
  • 41 Free participations in events that were free for Aurovilians
  • 400 Free art studio sharing (3-hr slots)
  • 500 copies of a free art/culture magazine
  • 20 Free art work for Art for Land
  • 19 Free films made for AV projects/services
  • 4000 Free photographs for AV projects/units/services (approx. no)

On page 5 of News & Notes #835 – 12th September 2020, a statement was published by the FAMC saying “Regretfully, we note the AV Arts did not accept that activities under it have any responsibility for contributing to City Services.” This may be read in conjunction with the above information. The figures show that artists registered with the AV ArtS Co-op do take responsibility to contribute to Auroville substantially.

Given the substantial nature of the intangible contributions the activities registered with the AV Arts Cooperative have made, we have applied to the FAMC to recognise the generosity by removing the fixed tax and instituting a percentage donated by choice especially applicable to the cooperative.

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