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5 September 2020

Calling the Future: what needs to change

Calling the Future survey analysis, part 2. (See Part 1.)

While the lockdown threw up many positives, it also highlighted existing weaknesses and gaps. Asked in which areas Auroville needs to change, 72% of respondents mentioned the economy, 64% farming and food distribution, 51% water and electricity, 48% social interaction and collective life, and 39% our spiritual life and aspirations. Education, as well as emotional, psychological and physical health were also often mentioned as requiring change or increased support.

  • Many people felt there needed to be a radical shift in our economy, away from a reliance on tourism and cash-based transactions. 25% supported the idea of a collective support system, like Prosperity and/or a basic income for all, while PTDC was mentioned as one example of the kind of collective service that needs to be encouraged.
  • Food was also a big issue. In particular, the need for greater food autonomy was emphasized. It was noted that we are not growing enough of our own food, partly because we don’t dedicate enough land for food growing and partly because our farmers lack financial support for their work. The fact that too few Aurovilians are involved in food growing and distribution is another concern.
  • Regarding environmental sustainability, a number of respondents mentioned there is an urgent need to increase consciousness about water usage in the community, along with a drive to reduce our reliance on the TNEB grid.
  • 40% of those who felt that the spiritual life should be strengthened noted that there is an urgent need to follow the spiritual goals of Auroville and for a radical change of consciousness in individuals which would lead, among other things, to us treating each other with more love, care and compassion.

Overall, the COVID-19 crisis was seen as a unique opportunity for us to step out of our usual patterns, to reflect deeply upon the purpose of Auroville and to make radical changes both individually and in the community.

Comments included we “need to re-calibrate our mission”, to “identify our needs and priorities”, and there is a “need for a better system in Auroville”. “It’s a chance we cannot lose”, wrote one, “It’s an opening for a new world to emerge”, wrote another.

In our next update we will focus on the ways in which respondents believe this ‘new world’ can emerge, as well as their willingness to participate in making those changes happen.

To be continued…

~ Calling the Future survey team (Alan, Amy, Dan, Dom, Fred & Laurence)

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