News & Notes 829:From BCC - Streamlining administration to a one-stop destination point

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829 icon.jpg   News & Notes 829
1 August 2020

From BCC: Streamlining administration to a one-stop destination point

The BCC has been integrating all aspects of BCC administration into one office, shared with the FAMC, in the left top floor space of the Town Hall. This enables all members of the BCC office to work closely together, with the full-time presence of a BCC member who acts as the office coordinator (Inge Rieck). This has improved team spirit, organization, and efficiency.

The last missing piece to creating a one-stop destination for any question related to economic administration in Auroville was to incorporate the tasks which up to now had been undertaken by the HRT in a separate office: applications for maintenances and financial support for dental and visa costs. As of August 1st, these tasks will be taken care of by the strengthened BCC office, and the HRT as an entity will be dissolved. We thank the current HRT members, JyotiPrem, Venkat and Gnanavel, for their service, and have been exploring how best to transition forward with each of them.

~ Your BCC members
(Christine, Enrica, Hans, Inge, Jacques, Mahi, Margarita, Meena, Rathinam, Suryamayi)