News & Notes 829:Anonymous Goodwill Conspiracy - The Art of Giving

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1 August 2020

Anonymous Goodwill Conspiracy - The Art of Giving

I've been asked to explain in the News & Notes how the Anonymous Goodwill Conspiracy works. People have been using the AGC for the last six years, and it is interesting to note that it is in the Summer that there are the most transactions...Does the heat open up our hearts?

We are, of course facing extraordinary circumstances today, with the C. virus management having brought to a standstill many an income. Some of our brothers and sisters are worse affected than others, so I decided to bring the following idea to your kind attention once again...

Wealth is not distributed equally in Auroville – or for that matter anywhere in the world. But here, we can take that situation as a chance to promote 'Goodwill'. Somewhere in my being, I know that 'Goodwill' is the only reason – is our passport to Auroville – Her Auroville.

I may have a neighbor who I don't talk to much, but I'm aware of a need – let's say, a plumbing job that really needs doing, or a door or window that needs to be made/repaired etc. I may have the kind of occupation that brings in more money than my neighbor, whose work doesn't really cover extras. So for a moment, I think that I could step in and help ease the load of that need. But then, I don't have enough to do it again next time, so I drop the thought. Better not.

Well, what if there is an Anonymous Goodwill Conspiracy that is ready to channel the money anonymously between me and my neighbor or my friend, or someone I have heard about through somebody else. I feel good about giving – really, it's that simple – it makes me feel good. No strings attached...

Now I begin to look at this very local networking, in which goodwill moves this energy called money around. This could work, if we can see that we all live in a state of Grace here, that those who have more have an option to look around without feeling threatened, and pass on a little of this Grace. Anonymity removes judgement, social status and future expectations from the equation. My friend works passionately in a job that doesn't quite cover small extras needed to make life a little easier around here. My circumstance allows me to generate money. If I have the 'freedom' to give, it becomes something that I could do gladly, naturally.

OK, down to technicalities. I'm hoping that Housing Group is still cooperative with this idea. Anonymous specified donations will be taken on and the work will be done by the HG. So any money that you want to give for any purpose concerning building/plumbing/repairing etc. will be followed through by the HG. The receiver will simply be informed that such an amount has been given for the job at hand, and if it's OK with him/her, the work will be done. This way if two donations are made for the same purpose, the giver can be informed that the need has already been covered.

If the gift is simply money with/without a specification, the donor emails me and we meet at a convenient location where I receive an envelope (provided by me). I then find a volunteer to deliver the envelope. If the offering is in the form of a transfer – I have opened an account with the FS that remains confidential. The donor gives cash to Otto or Rathinam who put it on the AGC account. Transfers will only be traceable to the Anonymous Goodwill Conspiracy account. The AGC account No. is 252090.

What if more than one person gives money for the same thing? Well, then the receiver finds themselves in the wonderful position to cherish the goodwill received and see what she/he can do with it. Ideally such a receiver would pass on some of it to another person in need again through the AGC. Receiving goodwill comes with the responsibility to do the right thing. There may be those who disregard this, but it is only their loss. Yes, they may have a little more money, but a chance missed to grow in the Light of Auroville.

As this networking grows, ideally every community would have volunteers who help to distribute the envelopes. Importantly, anonymity has to be respected and protected for this to work. For those who chose to give through the AGC it is important to also respect the process. Anything we want Auroville to be, is up to us, and it's the small steps that get us there!

Please note: This initiative is only meant for those who want to give. I know that there are many in need, but this is really not for them. Having been in a position of need, I can say that this doesn't need to be a permanent state. You are in Auroville - trust a little. I believe with a little goodwill a lot of things can be done. For anyone who wants to start giving anonymously, I put myself at your service as of today!

Victoir à la Douce Mère! Vande Mataram!

~ submitted by Ange