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7 March 2020

Introducing the Auroville Research Platform

We would like to introduce you to the Entity::Auroville Research Platform, an initiative that developed and established itself over the past year and a half. The research platform acts as a centralized point of contact and resource center for visiting academic researchers. Our aim is to ensure that their research undertaken in Auroville is mutually relevant and beneficial, of good quality and ethically sound, and does not repeat earlier projects. You can find out more about our approach, and the support we offer, on our page on the Auroville website:

We also have a page on the Savi website:, which we plan to continually update with research needs within Auroville, as volunteering opportunities for visiting researchers. And we are currently in the process of overhauling the existing Auroville research repository website, [], to make it a more functional database.

In the past year, we have been contacted by over 30 visiting researchers, of which several are PhD candidates or faculty members at reputed universities. Currently, 8 of these are at various stages of their research projects on Auroville. There is a notable concentration of research projects on spirituality and psychology, as well as various aspects of sustainability. Without a centralized platform, there previously was no overview of how many researchers showed up in Auroville each year, or what they were working on – and no assurance of follow-up to obtain the results of their research for Auroville’s records. Auroville Outreach Media, SAIIER, Savi, and the web team are now all forwarding any researcher requests they receive to us. Yet we still come to know of researchers that have somehow gone unnoticed, and lack a basic understanding of the possibilities and implications of undertaking research in Auroville. We would really appreciate if you could redirect any you come across to us! They can get in touch with us at researchplatform (at)

Last but not least – who is “us”? Our team is made up of four Auroville community members:

  • Suryamayi, who brings her background as a social scientist with a PhD on Auroville to mentor visiting researchers and connect the dots with Auroville’s research needs;
  • Henrike, a professional editor of academic research, trained in anthropology and human rights, who reviews researchers’ project requests;
  • Ravi, with a background in communicating scientific research, who manages the research database project;
  • Dominique, who brought her experience of setting up Savi to the project of establishing the Research Platform, and remains active as an advisor.

We recognize that there are many valuable forms and praxes of research outside of the academic sphere, this is simply the niche that we are able to handle with our limited time and expertise!

In service,
The Auroville Research Platform Team (Suryamayi, Henrike, Ravi & Dominique).