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29 February 2020

Latest update on Citizens’ Assembly

In our last update we reported that we had decided upon a topic for the first pilot experiment – Developing a water vision for Auroville and ways to implement it – and that a random selection of participants had been made under the supervision of the RAS. Since then, all the people selected have been contacted, and 34 people of varied ages, nationalities, backgrounds and experience of Auroville have agreed to take part. The Citizens’ Assembly pilot will take place on four Sundays: 8th, 22nd, 20th March and the 12th April.

Not all the attendees may be comfortable with speaking or reading English, so we are arranging for Tamil and French translations to be made of the main documentation. We will also be providing real-time translation facilities as needed.

Over the four days participants will hear presenters from a range of perspectives including bio-region, planning, farms, forests, water distributors, specific technologies, water quality, spiritual/healing qualities, cultural, education, industry and climate change. The presentations will also be filmed and made available to the whole community so that all of us can learn about the issue and the range of perspectives.

We invite everybody to ponder what you think is important to include in a water vision for Auroville, and what needs to happen for it to be implemented effectively. Please send your suggestions to us by 8th March and we will communicate them to the participants.

As it is a new experiment, we will be evaluating the pilot Citizens’ Assembly to find out what worked, what was less successful, and how it can be improved. We don’t expect it to work perfectly first time, but we hope that the process and the outcome will generate enough goodwill and practical implementation for the Citizens’ Assembly adventure to be continued, taking up other important community issues and involving a different group of randomly-selected participants for each one.

Contact us at caexploration (at)

~ Thulasi, David N., Helen, Kathy, Anshul, Lesley, Suryamayi, Nikki, Manas, Alan, Martin L., Sandyra