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22 February 2020

Spirit of Auroville Giving

The Spirit of Auroville painting.jpg

For the attention of Anyone who carries in their hearts the Spirit of Auroville:

This is to remind you, that the gateway of the Anonymous Goodwill Conspiracy is open.

You, whoever you may be, who have a big heart and would like to help a friend, or a project with an anonymous donation, feel free to use the account especially created for this. You may use this gateway to reach through it with a gift, someone in need, or a project that inspires, and stay anonymous. Thereby, no strings are attached, and the Spirit of Auroville smiles at your true generosity.

If the gift is simply money with a specification/or without, the donor emails me and we meet at a convenient location where I receive an envelope (provided by me). I then find a volunteer to deliver the envelope.

If the money is a transfer – I have opened an account with Otto that remains confidential. The donor gives cash to Otto or Rathinam who put it on the AGC account. Transfers will only be traceable to the Anonymous Goodwill Conspiracy account. The AGC account No. is 252090.

I have brainstormed about this idea with friends, and one of the questions that came up is: what if more than one person gives money for the same thing? Well, then the receiver finds themselves in the wonderful position to cherish the goodwill received and see what she/he can do with it. Ideally such a receiver would pass on some of it to another person in need again through the AGC. Receiving goodwill comes with the responsibility to do the right thing. There may be those who disregard this, but it is only their loss. Yes, they may have a little more money, but a chance missed to grow in the Light of Auroville.

As this networking grows, ideally every community would have volunteers who help to distribute the envelopes. Importantly, anonymity has to be respected and protected for this to work. For those who chose to give through the AGC it is important to also respect the process.

Anything we want Auroville to be, is up to us, and it's the small steps that get us there!

Please note: This creation is only meant for those who want to give. I know that there are many needy but this is really not for them. Having been in a position of need, I can say that this doesn't need to be a permanent state. You are in Auroville – trust a little. I Believe with a little goodwill a lot of things can be done. Victoir à la Douce Mère! Vande Mataram! For anyone who wants to start giving anonymously, I put myself at your service as of today!

~ Ange
ange (at) / 8098700425 (for Whatsapp)