News & Notes 806:Karunavirus!

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22 February 2020


Dear friends! I would like to make you aware of a new kind of virus. It is called the Karuna-virus. The Sanskrit word karuṇā is most often translated as compassion, or self-compassion. If you are infected with this virus, you may begin to feel more compassion for yourself, and for other beings in existence (especially those infected with some nasty viruses). How interesting that this virus sounds similar to its evil exiled twin brother that is currently wreaking fear and havoc in the world ;)

The exact origins of this virus are unknown, but it is certainly not from this planet. It can survive the hostilities of interstellar space and has managed to land and infect several people over the centuries, but may not have been named until now. It was recently transmitted through a dream and a download to at least one eccentric human being, and now aims to take over the planet! Signs and symptoms of this virus include an urge to connect with others and to recognize oneself in others, to feel their ups and downs; a desire to take less and give more: a habit of refraining from judgement regarding another’s situation,and instead wishing for their growth and well-being. Physical signs include – respiratory and mental ease through long, deep, and smooth breathing; a calm clear voice; spontaneous blushing and bursting into laughter or tears; and a feverish urge to make the most out of one’s situation and be useful to oneself and others.

An interesting side effect of the virus is that when it inhabits the body, it makes the other viruses (like coronavirus, the flu, etc.) feel less welcome and can eventually kick them out if it gets strong enough! If not controlled at an early stage, this virus can lead to an impaired ego function, and can even lead to death (of the ego/false self ;) )! Populations at risk include those with compromised ego-systems, like infants. The virus is extremely contagious and can be transmitted through:

  • holding hands/hugging/any form of physical intimacy, and even through eye-gazing
  • sharing drinks like herbal tea or fresh organic cold-pressed juice, and through shared organic farm-to-table meals with friends and family
  • living in close contact with others and sharing resources in an eco-friendly way
  • traveling, meeting, and inspiring people
  • serving the poor and less fortunate
  • through dreams and downloads, and even through reading this post!

The virus does not need any medium like air or water to survive and can replicate spontaneously across vast distances. And yes, the virus can be transmitted from plants and animals to humans, and vice versa. Wearing goggles or masks will not protect you from this virus. In fact, the virus makes you want to take off all masks – physical and subtle ones! Sorry, too late to save yourself! You have now been infected :) Now go spread this virus by sharing in every way possible, and help it replace its infamous twin to eventually take over the world!

~ Submitted by G Vig