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1 February 2020

Update on Citizens’ Assembly

We have been very encouraged by the response we have received during presentations we have made about the Citizens’ Assembly. Our next step is to set up a small pilot Citizens’ Assembly which will allow us all to learn more about what does and doesn’t work in the context of Auroville.

After looking through the many suggestions for topics, we decided to focus the pilot on developing a water vision for Auroville and how to implement it. This theme is both highly topical yet, we believe, manageable in the time we are allocating for the pilot. We will be asking for the community's thoughts on the topic and proposed speakers soon.

On the morning of Thursday, 23rd January, under the supervision of the Residents Assembly Service, we made a random selection of 120 participants from those on the Master List, plus Newcomers, plus Auroville children 16 years +. In the coming days, we will attempt to contact all these people personally and invite them to an information meeting where they can ask questions and learn more about the pilot and the kind of commitment expected.

We plan to hold the pilot on four Saturdays or Sundays spread over March and April. All the presentations as well as the pilot’s final report/recommendations will be shared with the larger community, as well as an evaluation of what did and didn’t work.

The CA core group: Kathy, Thulasi, David N, Alan, Martin L, Manas, Sandyra, Lesley, Helen, Suryamayi, Nikethana and Anshul.

We can be contacted at caexploration (at)

For more information about citizens’ assemblies in Auroville see: