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1 February 2020

Existence Garden Evolution

In the months of March & April 2019, Matrimandir held a gardens community review and feedback process. This was for the four built gardens of Existence, Consciousness, Bliss and Progress. A summary of the 68 members review results is linked to file. This review and feedback from community is an important design guide for designers in the new Garden Design call for Light, Life, Power and Wealth that is ongoing.

Roger Anger often said to his friends: “The story of the Gardens is a little story of the Aurovilians, according to their state of consciousness, they will grow”.

Of the four built gardens, Bliss and Existence need changes in major portions of the gardens. Bliss garden faces many challenges due to its hardscaping and gardeners are looking to bring in more shade at first and removing some of the problematic bowls.

Regarding redesign for Existence garden: The big granite block will be replaced by a cluster of 37 natural rock crystals from Brazil, which are some of the biggest and finest specimens. These set of crystals have been cleaned where they had a coating, repaired where necessary and installed on a framework with lighting underneath. There will also be a few other new elements, like benches made of natural rock crystals. A black and white collage is attached to give a basic idea of crystals placement and proportions.

The new garden design has been approved on an experimental basis and is only a proposal. It can be reversed to the old design or something better if it does not meet expectations. Once fully installed we will ask the community for feedback over a period of one year.

Note 1: At first, we had decided to install it for community review in one of the unbuilt gardens. And if approved, install it in Existence. But several technical issues arose, the most serious of it was that the 10 tonne of crystals may get damaged badly with every move. The cost of installation as portable system and relocation would run into many lacs of rupees even if things went well. So we decided to install it in Existence directly and redo the oval area and some paths which will cost far less. We are planning on starting this work from 15th Feb. and finish it in two months.

Note 2: During installation, the back raised portion of Existence garden will face damage due to crane movement for hauling the crystal group into position. We understand from the gardens community review that this is a favoured portion of the garden. We will restore it back to original soon after installation of crystals.

Existence Garden crystals plan.jpg