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15 April 2019

Entity::Auroville Council report – February 2019

AV Council internal functioning

Some members of the Auroville Council met with Dr. Parmeswaran for a sharing on the topics of the conflict resolution and on visa related issues. Elvira, L’aura and Niva were also present.

Work completed or in progress

The new RAS team was presented to the community in our last report. The team has been very active and the Auroville Council has been having close interactions with them, especially on the topic of the Selection Process. A lot of appreciation goes to the new team’s hard work.
The subgroup constituted of members from the Auroville Council and Working Committee has interviewed present and previous members of the team to understand the difficulties and challenges they faced and what could be improved in the future. Out of these interviews, the subgroup has come up with a report and recommendations, “Subgroup Report and Recommendation”, which will be soon shared with the community and will be used as guidance for the selection of the new L’avenir team.
The Matrimandir executive team presented their process for the call for and selection of designs for the main gardens to the Auroville Council and the Working Committee. An Observing Committee will be formed to oversee the process, consisting of executives of Matrimandir, one member from the Working Committee, one from the Auroville Council and one from the RAS. Angelo will join the Observing Committee as recommended from the Auroville Council.
A subgroup constituted by the Auroville Council and Working Committee are looking into the Land Board selection process.

Mandates and policies

A subgroup of the Auroville Council and Working Committee is continuing work on reviewing the 2017 Entry policy, together with the Entry Board, Entry Secretariat and other involved persons.
2 Petitions were received from Residents Assembly Service (RAS) – the first from Juan and the second from Auro Sangamam. A Survey was circulated by RAS to assess a way forward and a General Meeting was held to understand the pulse of the community.
  • Temporary Feedback Review Committee (TFRC)
Members of the Auroville Council met with the new TFRC members to explain their scope of work and answer any questions from the members.
  • Clearance Panel (CP):
The team is now fully functioning. Members of AvC, together with CP have met with some members of the previous TFRC members to have more information on those needing attention from the new team.

Work to re-establish harmony

  • Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI) / Sophie
For some months last year some disagreement and disharmony occurred between Sophie and the ACI team, A Restorative Circle took place and for a while the situation seemed to improve. At the end of December last year ACI asked Sophie to leave the team.
Sophie requested the Council to look into the conflict. After hearing both parties the Council supported L’aura’s proposal for a healing process involving community members.
ACI team declined requests for further mediation.
  • Serenity conflict
Koodam team initiated a mediation between the residents of Serenity community.
At the end of February, one Serenity resident involved in the conflict requested Koodam and the Council to step back and give space to a direct dialogue between community members.
Council and Koodam agreed to that, nevertheless Elvira is still helping the residents to form their community guidelines.

Other topics

  • Well Café
Before initiating an arbitration process, Council and Working Committee decided to ask FAMC to look into the issue. The topic is at present with the FAMC.
  • Loud Music / Parties and Public events
A joint announcement on loud music has been published by Council and Working Committee in Auronet and News and Notes.
  • Ilango
Following concern expressed about Ilango’s past conduct, an investigation was conducted by a subgroup of the Auroville Council and Working Committee. The subgroup came to the conclusion that there is no reason to prolong Ilango's Newcomer process and that he can be declared an Aurovilian.
  • Under age driving
Some concerns were expressed by an Aurovilian regarding under age children driving two wheelers without a proper licence. A note to the community was subsequently published by the Auroville Council on safe driving.

For the Auroville Council:
Angelo, Enrica, Martin, Matriprasad, Mita, Sandyra, Selvaraj and Shivaya