News & Notes 790:AV Council Report of November, December 2018 and January 2019

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18 March 2019

AV Council Report of November, December 2018 and January 2019


The group has been functioning well. While realizing that we are caught in quite a firefighting mode concerning community issues, we are eager to put more effort in the systemic level of the functioning of our governance. The Council will be losing four members at the upcoming selection process. The members that are leaving, as informed earlier, are: Angelo, Elisa, Matriprasad and Sandyra. We hope we get new fresh inspired members who help to look at the bigger picture.


  • Resident Assembly Service (RAS): A process of finding new members for the RAS has been completed by the Council. We are happy that the new team, consisting of Mael, Sathish and Tania, has integrated themselves well and are a great support for Tatiana to handle the ongoing tasks. Suryamayi and Elvira are helping with group internal processes.
  • L’Avenir interim members: The AV Council together with the Working Committee appointed 3 interim members for L’Avenir d’Auroville, after consultation with the remaining members of L’Avenir. The interim members are: Srimoyi, Sreevatsa and Selvam Rajamani: [...]
  • Selection Process: The Selection Process is mainly in the hands of the Study Group and is supported by the RAS. TFRC (Temporary Feedback Review Committee) and Clearance Panel have been set up and have started their work. The previous Selection Process took up a lot of resources and is being questioned by the community. The Council will look into this topic after the present selection process, together with the community.
  • Clearance Panel: The AV Council together with the Working Committee, selected the members of the Clearance Panel from the nominations, made by the community. The group has started to work. Please look for more details: [...]
  • Temporary Feedback Review Committee (TFRC): The AV Council selected the members of the TFRC from the nominations made by the community. The group has started its work. Please look for more details: [...]
  • Land Board: The Land Board is short of members and we have been informed by them that they are working with Resource Persons. However, there is a need to strengthen the team. The LB Selection process will begin soon.


  • Entry Policy: A subgroup of the Auroville Council and the Working Committee has started reviewing the feedback on the Entry Policy received from the community and from the Entry Board, Entry Secretariat and Aspiration team. Discussions with the relevant teams and work on reviewing and integrating feedback is going on.
  • Code of Ethics for Auroville Practitioner: There is a request from Paula Murphy to look into the guidelines for health practitioners. A subgroup of the Council is looking into this matter.


  • Conflict Resolution Policy: Work is ongoing to make some revisions to the Conflict Resolution Policy. This will soon be presented to the community for feedback.
The Appeal Process is also under review after 1 year of application.
  • Nandini Service conflict: The issue at present is being looked into by the FAMC.
  • Selvi / Kumar Nickadas arbitration: The arbiters have arrived at a decision with regard to division of garden space which has been conveyed to both parties and has been implemented by the IMG constituted by members of AV Council and Housing.
During the renovation of Selvi’s flat another conflict erupted which led to the cutting of the recently planted hedge, which is part of the implementation of the arbiter’s decision. In the meantime, this damage has been repaired.
  • Conflict at Serenity/ Maitreye: At the center of this conflict is the open question: Is it possible, and, if so, how to have dogs living in dense urban habitat, while respecting the needs and tolerance level (noise) of very different individuals from most diverse backgrounds and sensitivity. A conflict resolution process held by Koodam has been initiated.
  • Appeal process registered by Anan and Yuval against a FAMC decision: Anan and Yuval have requested an appeal to be registered on an FAMC decision related to the Eternal Builders Unit. The Council has registered the appeal, yet the validity of this appeal was put in question by the FAMC, which stated that the decision was taken on behalf of Auroville’s collective interests and responsibility, and as such cannot be appealed. The Council requested the Working Committee to look at this aspect of validity of this appeal request. The latter agreed that the matter is appealable, but stated that at this stage the appeal wasn’t valid, as the decision was not final, and missing the involvement of the Working Committee in the decision.


  • Stray Dogs: Auroville keeps on being challenged with puppies being dropped at public places and strays roaming around. Some puppies were dropped off at the Town Hall. :Recently there have been incidents of cats and peacocks being killed by dogs which are forming packs, and attacking other animals. Also dogs, if untrained and not kept properly, can get very aggressive, and kill other smaller animals, including smaller dogs.
An issue between members of Auzolan and Reve guest house regarding dogs was resolved amicably between the parties. It was reported to AVC that recently near Auromodele stray dogs suddenly died showing signs of poisoning. Let us be aware that harming animals, including strays, is unethical and can have legal consequences.
The Council, with the help of individuals from the community, has formulated a second sterilization project for dogs/ cats, with the aim to reach into the villages. The project has been submitted to Project Coordination Group. Simultaneously a fundraising effort in the Auroville community is also on the way.
  • News & Notes: We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the editorial team of the News and Notes and their commitment to constantly improve the quality of our publication.
The Council would also like to thank Jayamoorthy and Arumugam for their long and dedicated service in the printing section. Unfortunately to find an adequate solution for Jayamoorthy, who due to the new printing arrangements no longer has a job with News and Notes, has not yet emerged.
He urgently needs a job in which he can learn new things, and contribute to Auroville in a meaningful way, feel safe and taken care of. Suggestions and work offers are welcome.
  • Communication through Auronet and News & Notes: The AV Council has formed a subgroup that is looking into editorship for both publications. Existing guidelines are being looked into and improved. The intention is to have a small group of community members that can support the editors when they face difficult decisions or are questioned in their editorship.
  • Sign Boards: A sign board group consisting of Devasmita, Mathieu, Jacques, Martina and others, have met regularly for a brief period. A guideline for sign boards is expected soon from this group to the Council and the community.
  • Housing: […]
  • Tamil Forum / Auro Sangamam: The AV Council met with some members of Auro Sangamam to understand the scope of their work. They have shared with us their mission statement, which is being looked into presently. It has been expressed by them that the name of their work group is Auro Sangamam, and it is rooted in the aspiration for human unity and the realization of Mothers Dream. The Tamil Forum came into existence when they felt that they had to stand up for themselves, in order to be heard, and to accomplish that issues troubling them, would be addressed. They conveyed that the Tamil Forum is now, as things have moved forward, obsolete (no longer necessary).
  • Outcome of Dialogues on Discrimination held by Restorative Auroville: In order to support native Aurovilians and others, when they face a challenging issue in their work and life in Auroville, a Circle for Hearing, Healing and Growth has been started. The Circle meets every second Friday 4.30 p.m. at Unity Pavilion. The Circle team consists of individuals who care, from the community, and some members from AV Council.
  • Well Café: An arbitration process has been proposed to resolve the dispute between the Well Café team, and other members of the community, regarding events organized by Well Café. The executives of Well Café continue to disregard the request of the Council, the Working Committee, and the community, to end loud music by 10 p.m., until the arbitration comes to its decision. The issue is being looked into in three areas, Well Café and the Sve Dame community, Well Café and the larger community, Well Café and their work order (with FAMC).


  • Land Purchase internal investigation: The Departmental Enquiry Committee is still inquiring into the facts regarding the recent contested land purchase R.S no 426/1C2 of 8.175 acres.

The AV Council