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28 January 2019

Why we fundraise for land for Auroville

Today, 10% of City Area land and over 50% of Greenbelt land are still missing from the Master Plan area.

Land for Auroville was first purchased with the active encouragement of The Mother. She told pioneering Aurovilians “The most important thing is to get the land now.”

When Auroville became a legal entity in the 80’s, the Government of India began supporting Auroville financially in many ways – funds for the research in education (SAIIER) and housing projects (e.g. Humanscapes) are the most obvious examples. But it is not to be expected that the Indian government can give funds for land purchase.

Many Aurovilians have given significant funds for purchasing land for Auroville, often investing their last personal resources. They have been backed up by loyal friends in India and around the world, and in particular, by the AVIs – Auroville International Associations.

In 2003, Aurovilians launched the “1 Million Dollar campaign” for the land – a great success, though it seemed impossible!

In the past 5 years, support from within Auroville and the worldwide Auroville “Family” have led to the encouraging success of LFAU’s two campaigns “Acres for Auroville” and “GreenAcres”. Additionally, “Funding Auroville” has been launched for institutional and project funding.

Why is fundraising for land a priority for Auroville?

Today Auroville is no longer on an isolated, quiet plateau but finds itself in a rapidly developing suburban area of Pondicherry. Now is the time to consolidate strategic land holdings to enable for Auroville’s development. Only with consolidating its land, will Auroville be able to become a unified township, and safeguard water resources, forests, organic farming and biodiversity for Auroville and for the wider bioregion.

If you’d like to see Auroville manifest and flourish, please support our actions – and donate for Auroville’s land and future. We invite you to join our land presentations at the Unity Pavilion, and our “Art for Land” exhibition and fundraising action.

LFAU (Acres for Auroville, GreenAcres) and Funding Auroville teams have their office with the Land Board at Town Hall, 1st floor, mornings, 0413 2622657. Please come and see us, and bring your ideas!

Submitted by
Sigrid, Aryadeep, Mandakini, Bertrand.