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28 January 2019

Circle for Hearing, Healing and Growth

There needs to be a place in Auroville where Aurovilians who struggle with an issue, be it in regard to a Auroville working group or service, or of personal nature, can speak about it and will be given needed respect, care and the possibly get some guidance in how to tackle the issue.

At the end of the Restorative Dialogue on Discrimination an initiative was born that holds as its aim and purpose to offer an open, respectful, non-judgmental and caring space for anyone in the Auroville community to bring and share whatever pain, hurt, personal or collective issue they are grappling with.

This group of people has met a few times over 2 months to clarify how to move forward, and right now feels ready to open the space and invite people that are in need, to speak and be heard.

The values that we hold are: equality, inclusion, human unity, care and love, sincerity, humility, mindfulness, personal responsibility and courage.

Confidentiality: whatever is spoken in the circle stays there and is not repeated outside.

The conversations in the Circle are held in Tamil and English.

We meet every other Friday (starting from 25.01.2019) at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion.
This is an open invitation to come and share.

You may ask for more information from anyone of the group:

Amudha, Ashwini, Enrica, Mita, Murugan, Rajavelu, Suryagandhi, Selveraj A., Selveraj D, Shivaya, Sivaraj.