News & Notes 779:Lotus Pond Natural Crystal Globe Trial

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31 December 2018

Lotus Pond Natural Crystal Globe Trial

Dear Auroville community,

We have asked community members whether they prefer the new natural crystal globe being tried out in the lotus pond below Matrimandir, or would they rather keep the transparent glass globe that was there up till three months ago.

As you already know the feedback period for the natural crystal globe trial at the lotus pond has come to an end on 10th December.

We have received total 37 feedbacks (including 2 neutral feedbacks) and the result is very closely tied. Since the received vote was relatively low, we would like to extend the feedback period until 31st of December.

From Friday 21st December onwards we will place the glass globe at the lotus pond, for you to compare with the natural crystal globe.

Please leave your feedback to the notebook which is kept with the office gate watchman, or write to: mmcommunication (at)

Thank you very much,
Matrimandir Executives