News & Notes 775:AV Council Report of August, September and October 2018

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3 December 2018

AV Council Report of August, September and October 2018

AV Council internal functioning

Our team is functioning well. There is trust between the members and the team seems to be quite balanced. We constantly try to improve and therefore we try to be very aware of our possibilities to grow and evolve. At the moment we decided to have only one weekly meeting with Silent Presence Keepers (SPK) as we want to test how much we are able to carry inner silence on our own during the meeting. That doesn’t change our full support to SPKs, which we see as a tremendous benefit for groups.

The Council had 5 sessions of Dream Catching with David. It was very inspiring and opened up our ability to expand and be open for new possibilities. We are looking at ways to expand this possibility of interaction with a wider group.

Work completed or in progress

  • Matrimandir: The “Garden of the Unexpected” design process has been completed. A communication to the community on the results of the process has been sent from the Matrimandir team. The work of the Observing Committee in which Angelo was a representative of the Auroville Council, has finished.
  • Land Board Internal Investigation: A departmental inquiry has been initiated by the Auroville Foundation to inquire into the facts regarding the recent contested land purchase R.S no 426/1C2 of 8.175 acres. As both Working Committee and FAMC were involved in the land purchase process, it was requested that the Auroville Council take this inquiry forward in collaboration with the Auroville Foundation. Angelo and Elisa have agreed to be part of the departmental enquiry committee, initiated and chaired by the Secretary.

Mandate and policy reviews

  • AV Council mandate: We are informed by the Working Committee that they are in the process of reviewing the mandate together with the RAS.
  • BCC mandate / Constitution: The FAMC has communicated their intention to reconstitute the BCC in the spring and requested two names to represent the Council in the new BCC. Angelo and Enrica were proposed by the team. FAMC will select one when the BCC is reconstituted.
  • Entry Policy: A process of reviewing the Entry Policy after one year has begun and feedback will soon be solicited from the community on the different aspects of the policy. The Council together with the Working Committee is holding the review process.
  • Participatory Working Group (PWG) amendments: The PWG document has been revised by the Study Group in collaboration with the AV Council. The first two parts of the guidelines had minor amendments and went through two rounds of community feedback, which were integrated. The third part of the guidelines had a major change which concerns the role of the Temporary Feedback Review Committee (TFRC) and how far does their responsibility go in terms of determining the eligibility of nominees receiving substantial feedback. This third part is currently going through an RA Decision Making Process (RAD). This part went also through two rounds of feedback, which were integrated with the support of RAS and Study Group. A small “sounding board” from the community reviewed the integration of feedback.
  • Individuals declared non-eligible to participate in selection processes: The Council, WCom and RAS have been working to define a framework to address the issues of individuals who have been previously declared non-eligible for positions in working groups according to the Participatory Working Group guidelines, such that the concerns held against them can be clarified with responsibility and that they could be again eligible. This process has also involved changes to the Selection Process, which have been done in collaboration with the Study Group. A new Clearance Panel proposal and changes to the selection process have been put to the community for ratification.

Work to re-establish harmony

  • Conflict Resolution Policy: Work is ongoing to make some revisions to the Conflict Resolution Policy. This will soon be presented for feedback.
The Appeal Process is also under review after 1 year of application.
  • Nandini Service conflict: The Service Trust trustees have shared the outcome of their process with regard to the functioning of Nandini with the Auroville Council, including their decision that Muthu should no longer work in the service. Muthu has written to the Council requesting for an arbitration. This matter is still in progress.
  • Selvi / Kumar Nickadas arbitration: The arbiters have arrived at a conclusion which has been accepted by both the parties and is being presently implemented together with the IMG (Implementation and Monitoring Group) constituted by members of AV Council and Housing. The Auroville Council takes this opportunity to thank the arbiters involved and for their commitment and for holding the value of Auroville spirit in their work.
  • Sanjana conflict: Review of the project is still awaited from FAMC/ L’avenir before any arbitration process can begin.
  • Incident between Eric and Sumit: An incident of conflict and violence between Eric and Sumit was looked into together with the Working Committee. Details and outcomes have been reported by the Working Committee.

Other topics

  • Human Resource Hub: A subgroup comprising a Council member and resource persons, has begun work on developing a new Human Resources Hub. Response for a request for two half-maintenances for this work is still awaited from the BCC.
  • Stray Dogs: The Helpanimals pilot project is now complete and it was successful. A report has been posted to the community [see Auronet or N&N]. It was observed that it is not enough to look at stray dogs within Auroville but the strays in the villages also need to be looked into. The Helpanimals extended group will now meet soon to see how to proceed forward. The pet survey results are being collated and the results and the guidelines that emerge from the analysis of the survey will be shared with the community soon.
  • Sign Boards: A meeting of members from L’avenir, Road Service, Security, ABC, Auroville Art Services, ACUR and interested community members was initiated by the Council regarding sign boards. A sign board group has now been formed which will first look at the scope of this group and some general outlines for sign boards have also been agreed upon which will be further worked upon by the group and brought to the community for approval.
  • Space allocation in the Town Hall complex: The space allocation was given to a consultant team, which is Vikram and Suhasini. They conducted a survey and an open call for applications to request a space in the Town Hall area. On 1st of November they shared the outcome of the survey and proposed 4 different solutions to the users of the whole administration area. The FAMC together with the Council will continue the process.

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