News & Notes 774:HTF – Update and progress!

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26 November 2018

HTF – Update and progress!

An important meeting was held at the Foundation Office on 21 November with a delegation from the Transport Ministry.

Mr Dange, private secretary to minister N. Gadkari (MoRTH), led the group of NHAI officers from Delhi and Chennai and their consultants from Aarvee Associates from Hyderabad, joined by the Tahsildars etc. from the local area.

From Auroville’s side, the AVF Secretary Mr. Chunkath, Undersecretary Mr. Srinivasmurty, Governing Board members Dr. Nirima Oza and Dr. Anirban Ganguly, along with Matri Prasad and Devdutt Ganguly from the Ashram attended together with members of the Working Committee and the Highway Task Force.

The focus of the meeting was the proposed highway alignment, its impacts, and the need of realignment. Following a short documentary on Auroville, the discussions and arguments presented by the HTF against a highway on the eastern side of Auroville were well received, and a cordial discussion was prompted on ways forward. Our Secretary Mr. Chunkath encapsulated our concerns with clarity. Mr. Dange, acknowledging all our concerns, explained that the alignment was not yet fixed, and will go through due process of consultation and exploring alternative solutions.

They showed us a map with another western alignment that is a work in progress. The meeting was drawn to the conclusion that they are still exploring other options and that they will take into consideration Auroville, its concern for the bioregion and its inputs. They agreed to keep us informed of the development, and in turn Auroville offered its various skills and collaboration as needed.

The meeting was followed by a short visit to the Matrimandir before the delegation proceeded.

  • NHAI = National Highway Authority of India
  • MoRTH = Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

The Highway Task Force