News & Notes 762:The Life’s Elixir

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3 September 2018

The Life’s Elixir

“Officials in Delhi wish to cut about 17000 fully grown trees in some parts in the city to make space for building housing colonies” (The Hindu 8 July 2018, p. 15).

It is a global war between the stone jungle and the living nature. There are only few positive examples like Auroville: the residents of the city planted millions of trees and transformed a semi-desert landscape into a green oasis. More and more now come the stories like the one of Buenos Aires (“good air” in Spanish). At the beginning this city had a good air indeed because there were only few buildings and a lot of plants. Nowadays Buenos Aires has bad air: the stone jungle is the winner, the plants mostly disappeared.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama first visited Auroville in 1973 and a second time in 1993. He told in 1993: “It was a problem to find shade in Auroville twenty years ago. Now there isn’t this problem”. The trees give not only shade. One of the first architects in Auroville, Helmut from Germany, lived previously in a tree’s crown. Many animals live in a forest – in natural one or in artificial (like in Auroville). The plants produce the biomass and oxygen – the life’s elixir. Our human body consists mainly of oxygen (75%).

In May and July this year two groups of students from Mumbai stayed in Aspiration Guest House, each group for two weeks. In May there were 27 students and in July – eleven. They want be architects, not ecologists or environmentalists. In future new buildings would appear with their help. But my hope is on the ecovillages where the people care about good soil and about the plants. The global net of the ecovillages started in Findhorn (Scotland). I dream that every ecovillage will be green like Auroville and its air will be full of oxygen – the life’s elixir.