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20 August 2018

Entity::Land Board Report May–July 2018

The present Land Board has been selected and is in office since May 21st 2018. The new members who agreed to serve are: Banumathi, Helena, Padhmanaban and Yuval. Unfortunately, the previous members have resigned in relation to the disputed purchase.

  • At present the new members are training and re-shaping the administration procedures by putting more diligence in place. To be able to keep up with the workload multiple resource persons have been enrolled and more help is needed from the community to participate constructively in issues of protection and care of Land. It is aspired to develop processes for increased transparency, accountability and responsibility for the asset of Land that has been entrusted to Auroville.
  • The disputed purchase of IR 426/1c2 of 8.17 acre, situated next to Aroma Gardens, diagonally opposite Auro Velo is under the purview of Working Committee and Auroville Foundation with Land Board assisting them. The process of solving the possession issue by seeking legal help has started and we hope to take control of the lands which belong to Auroville Foundation in its due time.
  • Lands close to Infinity in MA 318/5 – 1.06 acres in Green Belt was purchased by previous Land Board. It is under the care of Land Board.
  • We are in direct contact with The Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry Ms. Kiran Bedi to help take action for the Government Survey in Eternity to take place as it has been delayed since 2010
  • Land Board attended the meeting organised by Auroville Foundation with the Collector, it helped us to understand various encroachment issues and possibilities of its resolution with the Government’s intervention.
  • Meanwhile we have about 18 negotiations in the pipeline and are in constant touch with the sellers for follow up. We will keep the community posted on further updates.
  • Rs. 1,32,817/- have been generated through the sale of timber and firewood from May to July. This amount has been credited to the Unity Fund. We continue to donate firewood to outreach schools namely Udavi, Isayambalam and Aikiyam for a total value of Rs.48,000/-
  • We have completed fence in City Area for a total extent of 234m.
  • One official survey was carried out and the boundaries fixed.
  • On a legal front one judgment came in our favour. After receiving the official judgement Land Board will take necessary steps to secure the land. Another case got dismissed in our favour.

Land Board will remove dead trees in your garden, the firewood goes to schools or it is sold and the revenue is going towards Auroville land maintenance & purchase. Please send us an email at landboard (at) and fix an appointment.

For Land Board (Banumathi, Helena, Padhmanaban, Yuval)