News & Notes 759:Short summary of the visit of the HTF delegation to Delhi 1-3rd August, 2018

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13 August 2018

Short summary of the visit of the HTF delegation to Delhi 1-3rd August, 2018

A delegation from Auroville went to Delhi from 1st to 3rd August and met with a number of concerned officials in the National Highways Authority of India and in the Ministry of Human Resources Development (the ministry directly responsible for AuroviIlle) regarding the proposed highway through the Auroville area. It consisted of Francois G, Mita R., Renu, Govind, Partha-WCom and Sauro-WCom. Many other members of the HTF had worked hard to prepare all the paperwork and materials carried by the delegation. There were eight meetings in three days. It was very beautiful, concerted teamwork.

We are grateful for the peaceful oasis of the Delhi Ashram and thank them for hosting us.

Our views and those of our immediate neighbours in Bommayarpalayam/Kuilapalayam have been clearly communicated to the authorities, who have listened. We feel very positive that we have done the best we could, and now we await the result of these efforts.

A detailed report is available on Auronet ([...]). Those who do not access Auronet can write to "htf (at)" to obtain it.

One of the next steps is to have an RA (Residents Assembly) decision so that, as described in the Auroville Foundation Act, the third leg of the Foundation, namely the Residents Assembly, clearly voices its stance so that the matter can be carried on officially through the Foundation. The WC will be asked to call an emergency RA so that this is done without delay.

We will continue studying possible alternative routes and plans with consideration of the watershed of our bioregion so that it is protected, and that we are better prepared should this information be required.

Meanwhile many community members have seen an online petition created by an Indian citizen outside AV on:


It has gained nearly 8,000 signatures in two weeks. It is very moving and uplifting to read the comments (mostly by Indians) appreciating the work done in Auroville.

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