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749 icon.jpg   News & Notes 749
12 May 2018

Matrimandir - Garden of the Unexpected

We are in the process of organizing, in Matrimandir, a Garden of the Unexpected (GoU), exploration with children event. This garden is not one of the main gardens but covers the outer side of Unity garden and is planned to be developed soon. This garden is for children. Not as an ordinary playground, but a place of wonders and discovering the unexpected. An initiatory for children.

This event would aim to find and gather pieces of creative ideas of how children view and interact with nature and natural materials. We would like to invite mentors, guides and teachers along with their young students to help us find these. We would like you to bring along the usual materials that you use daily for interaction with children to the Garden. (Any other suggestions are welcome).

The ideas gathered from the event/s would be part (anonymously if you like) of a design brief for designers of the Garden of the Unexpected and it can be shared with the community as part of the open process.

Would you be interested to design activities for one such morning or evening around 18th May and host the same along with others or separately? (Or it could be on Tuesdays as the day is for children in Matrimandir)

Please do contact us by email: goumatrimandir (at)
for further details and to work out the schedule soon.

With regards,
from the GoU Open design event team,
Natasha & Matrimandir executives