News & Notes 749:Av Council Report of Feb. March April 2018

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12 May 2018

Av Council Report of Feb. March April 2018

Council Internal functioning: The 3 new members of the Council have been well integrated and have taken up tasks. All members from the Council explored the basic principles and deeper meaning of Restorative Justice. The three sessions on this topic were guided by L’aura and the Restorative Auroville team. The discoveries have been very beneficial for us and will help us to review our way of looking at certain topics and hopefully we will find evolving pathways to deal with conflicts.

Open hours for the community: The Auroville Council had offered / tried open hours to the community on Wednesdays in the month of March. Only two Aurovilians showed up for the interaction. Due to lack of participation, we will be open for meetings on request.


  • Entry: The new Entry Board has completed three months in office and it is understood that they are functioning well. The AV Council and the WCom met the Entry Board in April. In this meeting the Entry Board members shared their challenges, achievements and also some recommendations of policy adjustments, which mainly addresses practical issues. The Council and the WCom will reflect on these recommendations.


  • The Working Committee: the Working Committee members have faced for several months some challenging time among themselves. In order to support them, the Council has called a Restorative Circle facilitated by L’aura and Janet. Two circles happened and the process is complete at this stage. Further actions have been agreed by the Working Committee members. Two members of the Council attended this process. The Council expresses its deep gratitude and appreciation to the Wcom’s members who have shown a high level of courage and integrity in their sincerity to understand what has happened, each taking some self-responsibility and their group willingness to learn, grow and reach a higher level of collaboration. Our gratitude goes also towards L’aura and Janet who held a beautiful and meaningful space to allow this emergence.
  • Matrimandir: a sub-group composed of members from Wcom and AvC have been following with the MM executives through several meetings. A GM was held by the new executives in April informing the community of their work. The transition has been completed and we want again to offer our thanks to Manas, Leena and Marc who were supporting the process all along.
  • Housing Board: through Mita, our HB representative, we have been working closely with the Housing Board team, and a few of us have attended meetings on topics such as guidelines for housing stewardship and about conflicts on housing assets.
  • Land Board selection process: Presently, the TFRC is completing its work, the feedback review process will be handed over soon to the Land Board Selection Committee. Several members withdrew from the TFRC but some courageously kept on and allowed the work to be completed. The Land Board Selection Committee is already in place and its composition is by members from the four main working groups and members from the community at large. The names are as follows: [...]
  • Mandate reviews:
    • Av Council mandate: The review of the mandate is in process. The Wcom will be responsible for its review and subsequent community process.
    • BCC mandate: The mandate was reviewed by the FAMC after changes suggested by BCC. Presently Council is finalizing with the FAMC to present it to the community.
    • Green Group mandate: The FAMC has given its input on the mandate and L’avenir’s feedback is awaited.


  • The Conflict Resolution Policy review continued during the last few months and the completion is expected soon. The Appeal Process is also under review after 1 year of application.
  • Nandini Service: a conflictual situation arose in the service and an arbitration request has been registered before the Council. The Council has met with the Service Trust trustees and we agreed that they will hold the process and look at the situation of Nandini to establish a healthy way forward for the Service to ensure its proper structuring and functioning. The arbitration process has been therefore stopped.
  • Windarra arbitration: the Auroville Council has closed the Windarra arbitration after feedback from the Implementation, Monitoring Group (IMG), and the 3 arbiters. Both the farms are now functioning in a harmonious manner. The next step of allocation of stewardships for the 2 farms rests with the FAMC and the Farm Group. An appeal for funds for a water storage tank for Back to Basics, now being called Windarra, has been made in the News and Notes and Auronet
  • Aspiration sports ground arbitration: the Aspiration arbitration implementation is still in process. The Council is looking into it with the IMG. One member from the IMG has stepped down.
  • Ganesh arbitration: Implementation process ongoing.
  • Selvi / Kumar Nickadas: the arbitration process has been postponed to July/ August as some arbiters are not available during the summer holidays.
  • Stray Dogs: a meeting between concerned people from the community and a few Council members took place in April. It was a fruitful meeting with many actions suggested and now in the process of being implemented by the subgroup which has been formed.
  1. creation of a pet audit through a massmail.
  2. writing a set of guidelines for pet owners.......
  3. Coordination/cooperation with L'avenir team in order to have a clause for NOC’s that new construction sites will request contractors not to feed any stray dogs on the site.
  4. Request architects and project holders not to encourage stray dogs on their sites.
  5. Taking care of hotspots of dog nuisance (where we have received complaints from: Ganesh Bakery, Kottakarai Kofpu, Transition/Transformation area, Madhuca, Maitreye 1 & 2, Prayatna, Vikas, Kalpana, Neem tree etc.)
  6. Forming a responsible dog owners group which will help each other.
  7. Writing a project for funding from NGOs for sterilizations and anti-rabies preventive vaccinations for as many stray dogs as possible in the area.
  • Individuals declared non-eligible by previous and present TFRC to participate in selection processes: A subgroup of the Council is working to establish processes towards re-eligibility of those individuals affected by their exclusion from participating in Selection Processes - Work in progress
  • Selection Process review:' A feedback form regarding the amendments to the PWG process by the Study Group has been massmailed to the community and awaiting process once feedback is received from the community.
  • Youth Hive: The Council has been working to help defuse tension and to facilitate the process of conflict resolution. The individuals involved and impacted still need some time to agree to a process.
  • HRT: The Council was approached by the HRT for help as a member has stepped down. A proposal for re-organizing the HRT into a HRD (department) matching the needs and skills available in the community besides the present work held by HRT has been submitted by the Council to the FAMC. Regarding the Individual Contributions issue, a subgroup has been formed with members from AvC, BCC, FAMC and HRT to review old cases and assess pending requests.
  • New Economy: Efforts are being made by the Auroville Council to create an umbrella group for collaboration of the different groups and individuals who have worked in various ways on alignment of Auroville’s economy with our principals and ideals.

For the Auroville Council: Angelo, Elisa, Enrica, Martin, Matriprasad, Mita, Sandyra, Selvaraj and Shivaya.