News & Notes 749:Auroville’s Growing Bamboo Shiva Tower

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749 icon.jpg   News & Notes 749
12 May 2018

Auroville’s Growing Bamboo Shiva Tower

Dear Community, greetings from Mohanam and Bamboo Centre. We would like to introduce to you our latest initiative to create a 50 feet bamboo tower to celebrate 50th anniversary of Auroville. This tower is an art installation and a scientific research on bamboo as a construction material. We will demonstrate through this structure the capability of bamboo to make multi-storey structures and also the design of the structure is in the shape of Shiva Linga as a symbol of channeling energy into Auroville.

Bamboo Shiva Tower.jpg

The tower is being grown inspired by nature, using a patented technique by a German artist, which mimics the way the plants grow. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to be a part of this project as it is being documented also by Guinness World Record. The ultimate use of the project will be a viewing tower, 18meters/50 feet high (nearly 5-storey high)

One of the tallest structures in Auroville, it would be overlooking the Alangkuppam Lake and also most of Auroville.

On top of the structure will also be a place to do tea ceremony and make meditation practices, Yoga sessions and Auroville viewing point. You could see Matrimandir from the top along with most Auroville city. It will be a special experience.

It is being created in the Auroville spirit using Volunteers and inspiration.

We are also inviting students to learn bamboo construction techniques through the construction of this project.

We need your help in facilitating this project and bring the correct energy and attention to our endeavor to ignite passion and help dreams come true.

We invite you, to come and visit us to view the structure in person, to feel and understand the vision.

A fusion of ART and SCIENCE to make a Masterpiece.

Mohanam and Bamboo Centre