News & Notes 744:From L’Avenir – Update on Line of Goodwill

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7 April 2018

From L’Avenir: Update on Line of Goodwill

Dear community members, this is an update on the Line of Goodwill initiative. We received a site application for the project in November 2017. We have taken the time until now, to find clarity on what it means to vision and manifest an initiative of this scale in Auroville, to contact the immediate neighbors and the main working groups.

Here is how we intend to proceed with this initiative:

  1. The Line of Forces being significant urban clusters in the masterplan with large impact on society, economy, environment and several other factors, we feel a "site permission" is not what needs to be issued. Instead, we have decided to acknowledge the initiative by issuing a "Letter of Intent" that will formally acknowledge the beginning of visioning of this Line of Force, held by the present project team.
  2. This Letter of Intent is an acknowledgement that L'avenir d'Auroville acknowledges that there is an urban study being done for this Line of Force. This should result in an urban design guidelines document, in direct and regular consultation with L'avenir d'Auroville. An environmental impact study, neighbours and community input, will be a big part of this process. The urban design guidelines document will include extensive material research and recommendations, water, waste water and waste management guidelines and recommendations, recommendations on how the built structures should respond to climate amongst other parameters that will ensure that the final product reflects the agreements reached with the community.
  3. Anupama Kundoo has been asked by the project team to start the urban study on this Line of Force. We have reached an understanding with the project team that she will hand over her concept study to an open platform of planners, architects, environmental experts etc. within Auroville, who will take up the task of finalizing the urban design guidelines. L'avenir d'Auroville will be the interface between this open platform and the community, giving regular updates and carrying feedback back to this team to incorporate into their work.
  4. Only upon finalization of this document, will L'avenir d'Auroville invite building applications for parts of the Line of Force.
  5. L'avenir d'Auroville has received several feedback on this initiative already based on general meetings held by the project team. We have tried to answer the concerns in collaboration with the project team and will soon upload them on the Auronet.

In conclusion, we are not discussing specifics of buildings within the project, such as Petra or Gateway, until the urban design guidelines are finalized. The process of creating these guidelines will be in liaison with the Interface team of l’Avenir for periodic presentations to the community. The feedback from these sessions will be compiled to be incorporated into the study. The detailed timelines of this process, including stage wise presentations, are yet to be worked out.

We are aware that an initiative of this scale should not be taken lightly, or treated as just another project in Auroville. We believe that this initiative presents us with an incredible opportunity to synergize knowledge, collaborate, and to take the leap into the future armed with courage, goodwill and perseverance.

We will come back to the community soon with more details on the next steps.

Best regards,
L'avenir d'Auroville team
(Anita, Anu, Aurovici, Divya, Inge, Pino, Sindhuja, Tejaswini)