News & Notes 740:Two Bouquets for the Mother

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10 March 2018

Two Bouquets for the Mother

“The Mother bestowed a flower for its blossom” (Hu Hsu, pronounced Hu Hshu, Chinese in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1951).

In the end of this February we had two flower exhibitions in Auroville: in the Savitri Bhavan and in the Botanical Garden. Such exhibitions were impossible in 1968 where Auroville landscape was waste, semi deserted. For fifty years our city received the rich biodiversity with innumerous beautiful flowers. Many Aurovilians and guests created these amazing shows, in the result we can saw the celestial beauty. The both shows had the great success, many enchanted visitors received aesthetic joy in in them.

Among many other flowers in Saviti Bhavan one of them has common name “blanket flower” but the Mother’s name for it – “cheerfulness” and the Mother wrote, that it is “a joyful smile of nature”. For the Mother, common things became uncommon ones. Visitors arrived in the new world. A little bit pity that in Savitri Bhavan the flowers were without Latin names. The using of Latin names for the plants is not something special, it is a normal culture.

The team of Auroville’s Botanical Garden created the orchids show. There are 22000 species in 880 genera of the orchids in the world. There is only one the Mother’s name for all orchids: “attachment to the Divine”. She commented: “wraps itself around the Divine and takes all its support in Him so as to be sure of never leaving Him”. According to the fossil record orchids existed on planet around 100 million years and there is possible that ever dinosaurs enjoyed the beauty of orchids. On the orchids show we can saw different species of these plants and prices of them, for example: Dendrobium (white), 450 rupees, Mokata (yellow) 850, Vanda (yellow) 1000 etc.

Auroville isn’t optimal place for the orchids. Many orchids can see in the sholas (almost untouchable ecosystems) near Auroville’s Nature camp in the region Kodaikanal. I never saw the prices of orchids in wilderness and was happy. Their beauty is really priceless. The kingdom of flowers is Divine kingdom.