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28 January 2018

The Findhorn Auroville Connection

People sometimes ask me about the differences between the Findhorn community, where I live, and Auroville. I don't feel that I know enough about such a diverse and deep-rooted place as Auroville to comment on that. However, I can comment on the connection between Findhorn and Auroville - at least from the Findhorn side. Findhorn tends to see itself as part of something larger and specifically as part of a network: The Network of Light. From its early days, the founders of Findhorn (before they even knew they were about to become founders of a community) were given visions of places and organisations which they were to connect with on the inner planes and to “send energy” through loving thoughts, prayer, visualisations and meditation to those places. This was to “help build the network of light” on the inner planes. When I joined Findhorn in the late seventies, by which time it comprised around 300 people, that process continued and Auroville was (and still is) often specifically named during the Findhorn community-wide meditations as part of “sending out love and blessings” so as to continue to help build the network of light. This made it fascinating to us when a returning Findhorn member, or visiting Aurovilian, gave a presentation about the progress being made here on reforestation, or the building of the Matrimandir, and so on. We could then see real pictures of a place many of us mostly only 'knew' on the inner.

Members and visitors to Findhorn are encouraged to gain their own connection with the Divine and then to express that out in the wider world. It is only natural that some people who have been to Findhorn would turn up in Auroville, since we hear about it (and send it blessings) so often. The outer connections between Findhorn and Auroville nowadays mostly seem to be through mutual interest on specific projects and by individual visitors.

Recently the founders of Auroville have been having a powerful influence on many of the people at Findhorn albeit through an indirect route. The ideas and terminology espoused by Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDI), which is inspired by the works of Sri Aurobindo, are increasingly being used and adopted within Findhorn (though like any change affecting a wide number of people, this is not without controversy). This process was jumpstarted when Frederic Laloux, author of a book about SDI, Reinventing Organisations, gave a link so that Findhorn members could freely download his book and he then gave us a very practical and wonderfully inspiring talk over Skype. This is helping Findhorn move beyond seemingly endless meetings to try and achieve consensus to a much more effective decision making method called the Advice Process. Therefore, many Findhorn members are currently being inspired by a movement, SDI, which was itself inspired by the works of Sri Aurobindo. I'm visiting Auroville till the 7th of March and very much enjoying getting to know some of my spiritual brothers and sisters here.

William Martin
wmartin99 (at)