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28 October 2017

Why switch to electric transport?

Are you happily going about your life, zipping around on your bike? Do you wonder why you should change your mobility habits? Did you have an electric vehicle before, and did you go back to petrol because it was too much trouble?

Now things have changed - Electric Vehicle (EV) prices are going down, petrol price is going up.
A good quality, high performance full throttle electric cycle costs Rs 35,000. Compared to a petrol scooter, it may seem high, but the petrol money you save will buy you a new Lithium battery in 1 year, and an entirely new e-cycle in 3 years!

New long-life batteries are coming on the market.
Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged at any time, so you never get stranded. You just take the battery out of the cycle and charge it on any normal outlet when you get home. You don't need to empty the battery before you recharge.

Conversion kits are better than existing Indian e-cycles.
Entity::Kinisi found an very good electric conversion kit:

  • 250W hub motor
  • Lithium battery 10Ah, 48V
  • speed up to 25 km/h
  • autonomy up to 30 km
  • full charge in 2 hours. From completely empty (not recommended) it takes 2.5 hours.
  • very bright LED headlights and rear brake light
  • electric horn.

Kinisi can fit this kit on almost any existing cycle and transform your life! With this kit, your cycle becomes a lightweight moped whenever you want.

Better expert service and maintenance for e-vehicles.
In case of problem with your e-cycle, you can come to Kinisi (we are at C.S.R. in the blue and yellow building) or go to the Electric Vehicle Service (EVS), next to the Puncture Service, where Govindaraj, an expert in electric transport, can maintain and repair your vehicle with great precision and care.

All the arguments against electric transport are being addressed one by one, through technological advances and thanks to the goodwill of Aurovilians who understand the importance of moving towards smart transportation for the City of the Future.

Marlyse and Debo (for Kinisi)