News & Notes 716:How welcoming do we want to be? - Part 1

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23 September 2017

How welcoming do we want to be? (Part 1)

In the News & Notes of September 16 we tried to give an idea of topics that are on the Housing Board Agenda every week. A bit more about house transfers this time. In recent years an average of just 20 houses has been offered for transfer every year. For this, the procedure is as follows: the steward informs Housing Service he/she wants to transfer the house; an estimate is made of the value (which is standard too low in the eyes of the steward and too high in the eyes of everyone else); the asset is published in News & Notes, people who are interested write to Housing Service and the total list of (up to about 15) interested people is presented to the community. So far so good...

However, many people have been on a number of lists already and are constantly being refused by the communities. Not welcome are:

  • Families with kids and young people (too noisy)
  • People from the surrounding area (too much local culture)
  • Older Aurovilians (too much risk for need of extra care)
  • No people with pets (too much noise) Perhaps a goldfish?

Even couples are discouraged in some places. As a matter of fact, to have a fair chance to enter a community (especially in the Center area), you would have to be a single foreign lady over a certain age (but not too old of course).

And now we're just speaking about fellow Aurovilians. More about new arrivals in the next News & Notes.

Sonja for the Housing Board