News & Notes 709:The Talking Spiders

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5 August 2017

The Talking Spiders

“A wolf spider crab species has been named after Aragog – a giant talking arachnid from J.K.Rowling’s popular fantasy Harry Potter series. Researchers named the newfound spider “Lycosa aragogi” which has a one-inch-long body” (The Hindu, 10.7.17, p.18).

All nature is talking including spiders. There is a social spider Stegodyphus sarasinorum in Auroville. It said: “2015 was a very rainy year. The insects and spiders were unhappy. But 2016, 2017 years are dry and hot – it is favorable for the tiny creatures in the city”. In our ecosystem there are many arachnid species. But the social spider is unique. Of course it has eight legs and a predator behavior like other spiders; But only one species of spider prefers to live in family and colony.

In Aspiration community this July there was an enormous society of social spiders. It is located under a gigantic Peepal tree (or Boddhi tree, Buddha tree or Ficus religiosa in Latin). Once I visited the Boddhigaya in Bihar State. The Lord Buddha received enlightenment in Boddhigaya under the Peepal tree. Now many Buddhist monasteries are in Boddhigaya. From this place the Buddha’s word “compassion” sounded throughout the planet. In Aspiration community the social spiders received enlightenment too under the Peepal tree. It helps them to create the huge nests and nets.

For 25 years I have been living in Auroville but it is the first time I see so big nests and nets of the social spiders. And there were numerous butterflies in the city during this month of July. The spiders and butterflies have an equal reaction to the dry hot weather of 2016 and 2017. For the plants the draught is not an optimal condition. But the Peepal has huge roots and takes water from the deep ground levels. And these three components of Auroville’s ecosystem exist in harmony in any situation.