News & Notes 709:Introduction to the document “Code of Conduct” (FAMC)

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5 August 2017

Introduction to the document “Code of Conduct” (FAMC)

The Code of Conduct is a revision of the current ‘Guidelines for Commercial Trusts and Units of the Auroville Foundation’ (Guidelines) that were developed collaboratively by the FAMC and Auroville Board of Commerce (ABC) before being passed by the former Governing Board (GB) in August 2014. Some amendments to the Guidelines were deemed necessary and in February 2016 a proposed revision, referred to as ‘Regulations’, was presented to the GB, however no decision was made. Then Mr. Chunkath, Secretary, Auroville Foundation, was appointed in June 2016 and in August 2016 he was asked by the GB to review the proposed Regulations.

A first draft Code of Conduct document was submitted to the Working Committee (Wcom) in February 2017, who passed it to the FAMC. Starting in February, a subgroup of the Wcom and FAMC made some revisions while at the same time requested input from both the ABC and the Auroville Board of Services (ABS). In general the document has support of both the ABC and ABS with one notable exception: in the Guidelines the ABC had a clearly defined recommendation role that was not proposed in the first draft Code of Conduct.

Over the last several weeks members of the Wcom, FAMC and ABC have discussed how to move forward together. A relevant clause (section 4) has recently been added.

The salient changes are:

A. Clarity of the trustees of a Trust role and responsibilities
B. Clarity of the expectations of the unit executives
C. Financial accountability details
D. Creation of advisory Intermediary Bodies (section 4)

This document is supported by us because it is our sincere aim to increase unit executives’ and Trust trustees’ knowledge about what is expected and can be expected in many circumstances (ie fiscal responsibility and accountability, appointments, creation of new units, reappointments, and closure of a unit in full transparency).

From our point of view Auroville in general, and FAMC and the Working Committee in particular, has a dual function of both serving the community and being responsible to our host country, India, vis-a-vis the Auroville Foundation. We believe the Code of Conduct captures this responsibility.

The Code of Conduct document is being presented to the Governing Board during their meeting on 13 – 14 August. Thank you for visiting the AuroNet to peruse the entire document, as it is 17 pages with appendices and we could not print it in the News & Notes.

In community,
Amy, Bindu, Chali, Chandresh, Lyle, Prabhu, Ulli and Yuval (FAMC)