News & Notes 707:FAMC Annual Work Plan - Updated June 2017

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22 July 2017

FAMC Annual Work Plan - Updated June 2017

In the 8 April 2017 edition of the News and Notes we published our annual work plan. For six weeks at the end of May and through June we reviewed, among other aspects of our experience and responsibilities, the work plan. During this time of deeper reflection we gained more clarity on it. The outcome of our deliberations is presented to you here. Changes are denoted by [blue text]: i.e. objective wording clarifications/added activities. The previously noted objective concerning restructuring of HRT will not be pursued during this plan period.

Objective: Increase financial transparency and accountability by simplifying and strengthening basic regulations and policies.

Activities include:

  • accounting manual;
  • unified chart of accounts;
  • publish current contribution guidelines and develop tools to monitor contributions [BCC as resource];
  • policy on qualified business expenses;
  • document processes that have already been implemented when dealing with mismanagement/embezzlement - consider systemic weaknesses and possible 'early warning indicators' [MT/SB as resource];
  • ask RAS to survey the community about needed training, workshops for project management including budgeting, etc. [IEL as resource];
  • review Budget Coordination Committee mandate, membership, functioning in collaboration with the Auroville Council.

Objective: Increase the accessibility of data related to assets and finances to ensure accurate documentation (as reference point) and more efficient use of Auroville’s collective wealth.

Activities include:

  • assets application, utilization (tracking & monitoring);
  • create databases for assets and financial information, import existing data and analyzing missing data and fill the gaps;
  • database of Trusts and units;
  • training related to using the database and activities.

Objective: Grow Auroville’s income-generating activities to increase work opportunities for Aurovilians to provide more community wealth.

Activities include:

  • create “How to” manual for people to start a unit, etc. (in cooperation with IEL);
  • facilitate a workshop session with key stakeholders to explore actual income-generating ideas;
  • identify internal and external financing that is currently available to grow the income-generating activities.

Objective: Restructure the Government of India (GOI) grant allocation and monitoring process to ensure fairness, transparency and efficient use of GOI grant monies as well as to ensure proper monitoring and accounting of received funds.

Activities include:

  • finalize FAMC proposal with GoI subgroup (in progress);
  • review existing manual and regulations [reference SAIIER documentation];
  • review grant application and approval procedures;
  • set up central GoI grant accounting office.

Objective: Explore the restructuring of the maintenance system to ensure that it provides sufficiently for all in need (e.g. food, child maintenance, 'life-long maintenance', etc.).

Activities include:

  • get a clear picture of the current situation (in collaboration with the BCC);
  • after problems are identified, collaborate with maintenance subgroup (ref former FAMC) to explore priorities and ways to address the problems [alternative systems and additional means of support];
  • explore alternatives of individual Aurovilian contributions;
  • distribute a questionnaire about what people feel are basic needs (recurring and one time);
  • use the responses to create a baseline (average cost of living);
  • data analysis (anonymous) of personal FS expenditures;
  • facilitated workshop with community after information gathering (ie questionnaire) is complete.

Objective: Redefine the structure of all income - generating activities (units, services, activities) in order to create consistent guidelines.

Activities include:

  • if Code of Conduct is implemented, review current structure / organization for income generating activities;
  • raise awareness of role and responsibility (legal) of trustees, and support accountability;
  • succession plan.

Objective: Increase the amount of unspecified income to City Services (CS).

Activities include:

  • review contribution guidelines; contribution - monitoring;
  • improve awareness, communications, and training concerning contribution to CS [BCC as resource];
  • conduct a brainstorming session with ABC and BCC representatives;
  • improve CS efficiency.

Objective: Explore innovative solutions to provide affordable housing opportunities for Newcomers and Aurovilians (e.g. renting & leasing agreements, alternate sources of funding, etc.).

Activities include:

  • Chandresh refines a proposal to present to the FAMC team;
  • review Ulli's proposal concerning “rental” scheme;
  • review previous initiatives to create affordable housing: What worked? What didn't and why?;
  • review pro-bono housing criteria, process, allocation, etc.

Objective: Facilitate the development of a food strategy towards greater food security.

Activities include:

  • consider plans to increase food production in Auroville.

Objective: Ensure optimum utilization of assets in keeping with Auroville values.

Activities include:

  • develop stewardship guidelines;
  • supporting and developing the Industrial Zone in order to provide space for new activities / units.

Objective: Administrative and routine/regular tasks.

Activities include:

  • FAMC Resolutions (unit changes);
  • loan applications;
  • Site and building applications financial review;
  • approving land transactions;
  • reporting [monthly];
  • budget approvals [annually];
  • investigations / reviews (ref non-compliance).

Objective: Improve process/guidelines.

Activities include:

  • loan applications;
  • land stewardship allocation;
  • site and building applications financial review;
  • request recommending bodies to provide clear documentation of their process/criteria in support of their *decision when submitting information to FAMC;
  • FAMC Resolutions;
  • housing asset valuations.

Overall: Communicate with the community all along the way.

All of this work requires input from individuals as well as groups. Please consider how you can help.

In community,
Amy, Bindu, Chali, Chandresh, Lyle, Prabhu, Ulli, and Yuval (FAMC)